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Dawn of Summer

In the days where the breeze still chills the air, but the sun grows gradually warmer and heats the earth, I find myself feeling more and more free. Each day I’m waking up more inspired, with a desire to wander aimlessly and explore new places. I feel a bit lazy,

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Sarah Loven wears Spell Design at Printemps Paris


It’s about time I share everyone’s favorite outfit from my Paris trip on the blog! I know some of you miss my good ol’ boho days, so styling a dash of Spell Designs for Paris was a must. Especially since their collection Blue Skies, set in Paris, was released at the

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Summer is a Season of Self Love

With summer around the corner, I’ve had a desire to cleanse and renew. From health to the products I put on my body, to my personal style and photography. I’m really going after the areas of my life that need tended to. Stresses and my insane schedule have left me

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Over the Rainbow

The gingham days are in full swing, putting me in that summer state of mind. Obviously picnics come to mind, and sunny wanderings under blue skies. I took to exploring the California landscape, stumbling upon this endless field of gold. It reminded me of my childhood in Illinois, running through

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A Touch of Spring

Under every girls clothes is the lingerie that makes her day. Haha, I just made that up on the spot, but isn’t it so true? I start my day with an outfit idea in mind, and my whole look depends on what lingerie I’m going to wear. Wether it’s lacey

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Sarah Loven at Tuileries, Paris


It was one of those perfect days in Paris. After coffee, our mission was to find the perfect French market basket, explore Boulevard St. Germain, and walk to Tuileries for sunset. It was an effervescent experience, melding into the throngs of Parisians out on a sunny Saturday in Spring. FROM

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Here in the sunshine state, I found a never-ending field of golden grass. Naturally it called for packing some essentials up into a french basket, donning something twirl worthy, and frolicking around in said field. I wanted to style a french country chic look for this shoot, and this was

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Moi Je Joue

Here’s a little snippet from my day shooting for Brandy Melville in Paris! While Cammy was photographer for Brandy, Josh snapped some candids for the blog and captured a ton of beautiful video footage! MOI JE JOUE This segment was in a pretty little alley way that is one of my

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Nouvelle Vague

Lately I’ve been looking for new music that feels like some of my old favorites. I’m so picky about what I listen to, so all my playlists are carefully curated. I don’t want my mood to be altered too dramatically by what I’m listening to, especially if I’m spending the

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