Look Chic in Luxe Lace

I couldn’t feel more chic in my latest favorite outfit. Luxe Lace, my recent shoe find, and coordinating black accessories against a white ensemble… it’s all so good! It takes me right back to Paris and spending a golden afternoon


Somehow I always come back to loving this nude/blush/mauve sort of color scheme and it always reflects in my wardrobe and editing. I think it’s one of the most flattering tones that match any complexion, and goes with really any

City Vibing

Most of you aren’t lucky enough to be strutting around your city sans snow storms right now. So let me tell you about how great the weather and vibes are here in SoCal, and share a playlist that’s been the


Having tried out Dolce & Gabbana’s L’impératrice 3, I immediately fell in love. The packaging is chic and minimal, and the smell is 100% me. I tend to lean towards more unique, rare scents. One that someone wouldn’t recognize easily. I

NYE – Getting Personal

As 2017 comes to a close (ummmm, howww?!), I revisited my list of resolutions I wrote down last year, as I’m an avid note maker (can’t survive without them!). I was surprised to see what I wrote, as it really

Christmas 2017

This holiday season has been a blur of photoshoots, parties, driving all around SoCal, and endless styling (my favorite part)! With all the client content I was creating, I barely got a moment to create something for myself. So here

Hello December

December has rolled around and it’s finally cold enough to wear a coat in California! The first coat I wanted to style was this faux suede/fur coat from Carve Designs. It’s the softest thing ever, and looks gorgeous on. I’m

Paris from my Window

Our last days in Paris brought us to the coziest little hotel in Bonne Nouvelle. It wasn’t planned, we ended up here on a whim. The hotel was tucked away on a quiet street. It was Sunday morning, and it

Sarah Loven at Palais Royal in the Fall

Palais Royal Gardens

To me, there’s no place more romantic than where Parisian architecture and gardens meet. And Palais Royal is the coziest and quaintest of them all. In the middle of the city, almost hidden to those who might not know about

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