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Making Waves

For a while in Florida we pretty much lived as beach bums and slightly homeless vagabonds, and it was great. I may be broken, cause there’s nothing that makes my my spirit soar quite like having nothing to tie us down, and no place to call home. There’s hardly any thought on the time except for “can we shoot all these outfits before the sun sets?!”

Living day after day on the beach, getting sun burn, skin softening from the sand, hair getting tangled and out of control (not always fun), going from place to place and forming these odd short-term connections with places and people you meet. Life on the road gives you a different perception of a single day…

 Days are longer with so much adventure packed into the hours. I love the feeling of being somewhere for the second or third time during our stay in one location. That spot, whether it’s where we camped for a night, or the beach hideaway we shot at for 3 days straight… those little places and those moments become home. I grow an attachment to them and sometimes it’s even hard to leave, because your mind tells you that you’re leaving this familiar place for the unknown. But once you tear yourself away and get back on the road, the sense of change is like an addiction, and it fuels your blood for the next adventure where you create memories.

That’s why I capture everything. Literally every moment becomes beautiful once you leave it in the past.

Something as simple as that breakfast on the beach… Or the feeling of being exhausted at the end of the day, and leaning against the one you love while staring into the deep blue night sky while the ocean crashes softly down the beach. It’s these moments that we sacrificed it all for. These moments where life becomes supercharged because you’re breaking the mold, and it’s wild and sometimes uncontrollable. But it’s real. It’s living.

Here’s one of MANY videos captured during our beach adventures! We’ve spent over a week sorting through and processing video from everything, and I couldn’t wait to cut one together to share a look at one of our shoots.

Featuring swimwear from our sponsor Andi Bagus.

The music is the very first released track by Josh, inspired by surf and sand and the slow beach life. I am so excited to be sharing his music now as a part of Ready Gypset Go! It really brings a life to the blog, of the aura captured from the places we’ve been. I hope you enjoy!

xx Sarah

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  • Matt says:

    love this video Sarah! You guys do amazing work!

  • Hayley-Eszti says:

    I’m going on a big road trip this summer so these tips are very helpful, so thanks! Looking beautiful as always too!


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