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Midnight in Paris

2 lovers kissing in Paris

Midnight in Paris is as romantic as it sounds, if you can maneuver the streets and find where the best night life is in this sparkling city. From the quiet neighborhoods beneath the amber street lights, to the buzzing corners alive with vespa crossing and chattering cafe goers, you’ll discover Parisian nightlife is a world all its own.

midnight in paris

It became a trendy thing to write in one’s captions for a reason. Depending on what area you find yourself in, you never know what you may come across in Paris at night. It could be a ballroom dance class beneath the weeping willows on the banks of the Seine, or a street overflowing with young folks, enjoying bar life.

Your footsteps could be the only sound echoing down the alleyway, or you could glimpse parties happening in flats, with the windows open, cigarettes lit, and music filling the night.

If you’re not going out, maybe you’re just grabbing a bottle of wine to take home. Because wherever you go, there’s always an energy that buzzes through the city. It can be enjoyed any way you like. You learn to embrace it, and make it a part of your lifestyle.

I love going out for some authentic absinthe to make the night more grand. All the lights turn into stars, and the world glistens. Happiness carries each of my footsteps to discover what’s around the next corner. I could find magic anywhere, and the excitement is what makes it an adventure. Like a cat in the night, I am one with the city.

Watch the video to experience it for yourself!

And can you spot the adorable Parisian cat?

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  • Richelle Kingsland says:

    This post is beautiful! The images and your lovely words make me want to visit Paris more than ever. I went to Lyon once years ago, but Paris is still on my list 😍

  • Rina says:

    The story.. make me want to go to Paris immediately to enjoy the night atmosphere and Paris will burn me with wild experiences

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