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Movie Night: The Dreamers

The Dreamers Movie

I’m introducing a new section to the blog, now with the new redesign, called Movie Night! I’ll be sharing my top favorite/iconic movies and telling you a little bit about them. And first up we have… “The Dreamers”, a sexy movie set in Paris!

I find that a huge part of culture is not only captured in cinema from around the world and through the decades, but cinema can also influence culture. Movies and film really inspire me and my style greatly, and Josh and I are a bit of a movie-holic couple. So I’m really excited to bring you weekly Movie Suggestions to the cultureLUST segment of the site… hopefully I can keep up with this schedule! 

Movie Night: The Dreamers

As the great director Bernardo Bertolucci passed away just this last month (November 28th), it only seemed fitting to talk about this odd but iconic movie set in Paris. I saw it as a young adult, having found the moody movie stills floating around on Tumblr. It seemed so steamy and artsy, and I had to watch it! It’s one of the films that, over the years, have influenced some of my more sensual photos in Paris.

Warning: this movie has mature content.

Set in Paris, in the spring of 1968, student riots leave three youths feeling isolated…

An American exchange student named Matthew (Michael Pitt) and twins Théo (Louis Garrel) and Isabelle (Eva Green) bond over their mutual love of cinema. Matthew is fascinated by the sense of intimacy shared by Isabelle and Theo, who were born conjoined. When the twins’ bohemian parents go away for a month, they ask Matthew to stay at their place, and the three lose themselves in fantasy.

The Dreamers, Eva Green smoking gif

A lot of culture and arts are referenced in this film, transporting you into a poetic world of vintage Paris. It’s a rather mysterious and adventurous tale that unravels, and you can’t seem to stop watching. Some of the iconic scenes captured on film are like movie inception, referring to even older films of recognition like “Bande a Pàrt”, 1964 (As seen in the clip above, where they run through the Louvre), or “Breathless” 1983. But don’t let me spoil all the hidden gems of this movie, just go watch it for yourself!

Plus, young Eva Green is such a vixen, and Louis Garrel has a the best smoldering French look!

You can stream the movie on Amazon Prime, or order the Original Uncut DVD.

Or if this is too steamy for you, you can glimpse me and my lover traipsing around Paris in a much less “mature content” way…!

Movie Night!

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