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RGG x Bed Stu

She’s an enigma
Only those could understand her.

She doesn’t try to be too deep, but she’s an ocean.
And some don’t like to swim.

She doesn’t take the well-traveled road.
She likes to go her own way.

Her soul is alight, you can see it in her eyes.
Don’t ever try to hide her fire.

[If you do, you’ll just get burned. ]

Some say she’s broken into pieces,
But she’s really just a puzzle.

She walks with passion in her steps,
And usually strays from the crowd.

Her words are of poetry,
And her heart and soul, too.

Her present is usually in the future,
So she’s often misunderstood.

She’s strong and stands against the wind,
No storm will shake her faith.

Though voices try to make her doubt,
She sings above the noise.

She’s moves like a flash of light,
So, catch her while you can.

Her sails stay filled with gusts of air,
She’s going, going, gone.


I used to write insane amounts of prose and poetry. It was such a big part of me and my creative expression. I published a couple books, and even started a novel, but it was lost on an old computer. And I guess I then sort of lost a little piece of me with it. That was the end of my writing chapter for years.

All the traveling and looking for the wonder in the world has reopened my desire to express myself with words. I’ve been trying to exercise that dusty old muscle that hasn’t been used in a while, and put a little more love into my writing for each blog post.

I’ve got some fun little things I’ll be sharing soon, one being a beautiful and personal DIY that I’m excited about! Stay tuned. xx

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