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Instagram and Creative Sabotage.

Instagram & Creative Sabotage

This is a topic I’ve touched on briefly in other posts, but as it affects me so much these days, I feel the need to share more of my experiences and emotions. Instagram and Creative Sabotage… what am I talking about, you ask? I’ve always grown up being part of

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Instagram Influencers - A Bubble Soon To Pop

IG Influencers: A Bubble Soon to Pop

I have come to accept it, and I’m sure there are people out there refusing to talk about it. Especially since last year it became a $1 billion industry, and could be worth $2.38 billion by the time 2019 hits. But while the influencer industry looks promising, there are some

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How to be an Individual.

How to be an Individual

“If outside validation is your only source of nourishment, you will hunger for the rest of your life.” We are all unique, we are all individuals. But what does it actually mean to be an individual- someone who is so confidently their self that they do what they do with

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Le Jardin Secret

There’s something about vast, manicured gardens that I love so much. The secret pathways, the artful way of the flowers, the silent statues looking over the lawn. If I could live in a garden, with nothing much more to worry about than sun exposure, I’d be in bliss. I long

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Vanity, Negativity, & Imitation the "art" of Instagram.

Vanity, Negativity & Imitation: The “Art” of Instagram

I’ve been mulling over these thoughts for months now, wondering how to go about sharing them. I prefer to stay away from negative topics, and put my efforts towards spreading more positivity than negativity. But that doesn’t mean I don’t deal with fighting these negative feelings almost every day, considering

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Sarah Loven walking with sunflowers.

Be Your Own Sunshine

“Spend time amidst the trees, thinking and not thinking… breathing, and doing as they do. Learn to be present, and remember how to daydream. Do simple things- Drink tea by the window, slowly. Arrange a vase of flowers, mindfully. Fall in love with books. Walk without direction. Follow the sites,

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Spring Luxe

Spring hits and we can finally wear the shoes we’ve been waiting for. This season, I’ve fallen for luxe shoes, and these 2 pairs from Miss Madel really hit the mark! Luxury leather and jewel embellishment really elevate a look, and I’ve styled these shoes two ways! One look inspired

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A Day at Luxembourg Gardens

Spending a day at Luxembourg Gardens was something I’d recommend to anyone visiting Paris. It’s a staple for your French Lifestyle routine. If you have a free day, you should slow it down, and stop to appreciate the beauty of life and the beauty of your surroundings! a day at

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Grand Trianon

Part 2 of the Trianon Posts, I’m giving you a glimpse into the lavish rooms of Grand Trianon and the stunning gardens. We wandered from the gardens of Petit Trianon, down the many paths beneath lush trees, until the pink facade of the Grand Trianon peaked from beyond perfectly trimmed

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