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Sarah Loven at Cafe Valentin in Paris

Cafe Valentin

For me, Valentine’s Day has a record of being more “miss” than hit. But that doesn’t curb my enthusiasm for the holiday. Being born only a week before V Day, I tend to be a romantic and look forward to what the holiday stands for. It doesn’t have to be

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2 lovers in Paris, at Midnight

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris is as romantic as it sounds, if you can maneuver the streets and find where the best night life is in this sparkling city. From the quiet neighborhoods beneath the amber street lights, to the buzzing corners alive with vespa crossing and chattering cafe goers, you’ll discover

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Sarah loven has picnic at La River Seine, golden hour

La Vie est Belle

La vie best belle- life is beautiful. Especially when in Paris, and you can drink wine outside in public places. And nothing makes for a more perfect, romantic (and cheap) date, than taking a picnic to the Seine River with your lover, and watching the sun set. La Vie Est

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Sarah Loven and Nextdoornomad euro street style

New Year, New Jetset Lust

A re-design, a stolen concept, another re-design, and months of building later… I present the new and improved Jetset Lust! Here’s a little breakdown of why we moved in this new direction, and what surprises you’ll find here! New Year NEW JETSET LUST You all probably know I’ve spent the

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cute French new wave outfit

New Wave Style with J.ING

I’m honestly a huge fan of J.ING clothing and shoes, and they were the first brand I reached out to when choosing what brands I wanted to partner with for my Capsule Wardrobe (a collection of quality pieces from select brands that contribute to my personal style, which can/will be

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Sarah Loven wears blue silk slip at Versailles

Paris is a Mood

It’s a fact that I have much more content from Paris than I can even keep up with sharing. And I neglect putting most of it on the blog, as it all tends to go to Instagram without much time to commit to writing a blog post for each day/shoot/outfit.

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Eva Green & Louis Garrel in The Dreamers Movie

Movie Night: The Dreamers

I’m introducing a new section to the blog, now with the new redesign, called Movie Night! I’ll be sharing my top favorite/iconic movies and telling you a little bit about them. And first up we have… “The Dreamers”, a sexy movie set in Paris! I find that a huge part

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Return to Paris & Fashion Week Vlog

Paris & Fashion Week Vlog Somehow in the chaos of the season, I forgot to post our Paris Fashion Week Vlog here! But better late than never, right? I wanted to talk about why I made one single Recap/Vlog video instead of many short creative videos like we usually do. It’s always hard to

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blonde girl in field at golden hour

7 Golden Years

The story behind this project for Angara Jewelry is a little different than your average wedding ring concept. For our 7th anniversary, Angara sent us new wedding bands that we hand picked to suit our personal style! The Anniversary Rings I’m sort of funny when it comes to wedding rings.

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