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Trail Blazer


The wonderful thing about Arizona is that you can just pick a direction and go, and within an hour or so, you’re in a completely different terrain. The state is known for having some terrain in it somewhere that can be found in every other state. Thus, the photographer’s dream. One of the reasons we chose Arizona for our home base was because of the many photo options with all the terrains. The other reasons were because we simply fell in love with the clear air and huge sky… The wildness of it… It’s western vibe. Arizona is an extremely young state, and feels so undeveloped compared to the east coast or the west shoreline. You can go off on a dirt road and literally find yourself in the middle of nowhere, because they haven’t developed anything that far yet.

I love opening a map and finding locations that are only hours away. We are planning our AZ road trips and prepping for big new things, and I’ve completely filled up on collaborations! It’s so good to know that everyone is on board with our adventures, and that we have so many creatives taking a part in our journey to discover and inspire the world. Not everyone can travel, and I am sad that this seems to be the truth for so many. Because we should be free to roam the earth. But at least Ready Gypset Go can show people how to see the world through eyes of wonder. And maybe through this we can blaze a trail that others can follow when they’re ready.

Long live the wanderers and the trail blazers.


Romper: Band of Gypsies via Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Sugar & Pop
Boots: Wild & Free
Feather Ring & Cuff: Good After Nine
Onyx Ring: Barbara C. Pellegrino
Hammered Cuff Ring: Nashelle Jewelry
Geometric Ring: Shiny Mix
Quartz Ring: Ija Designs
Gold Midi Ring: Sugar & Pop


Hat: Fallen Broken Street
Mala Necklace: Katie Dean Jewelry
Boots: Bed Stu