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Sarah Loven at Tuileries, Paris

It was one of those perfect days in Paris. After coffee, our mission was to find the perfect French market basket, explore Boulevard St. Germain, and walk to Tuileries for sunset. It was an effervescent experience, melding into the throngs of Parisians out on a sunny Saturday in Spring.


to tuileries

We stopped for coffee and croissants at Paul on Rue de Buci, picked up some fresh flowers around the corner, and then headed to the Tuileries to picnic by the fountain. Rue de Buci is one of those magical spots off Boulevard St. Germain, right around the corner from Cafe de Flore. There is a little basket shop there, where I got my french market basket that everyone loves! Now if you go to Paris you’ll know exactly where to get your Parisian basket, because they’re surprisingly hard to find!

This was a Saturday, and one of the first sunny days of spring in Paris. So everyone was out and about, enjoying the beautiful weather. The breeze blew, the birds chirped, and a parade marched jubilantly down the crowded street for no apparent reason. Yeah, that happened! The hustle and bustle of the happy people, coming in and out of Paul for croissants et café, added a cheerful excitement to the air. Everyone was smiling. The outdoor cafe tables were filled to the brim with those grabbing lunch and socializing.

When we got to le Jardins de Tuileries, it was packed as well. Which made it a little crazy trying to snap some photos for the blog, on top of the gusts of spring wind. But we managed to keep my hat from blowing into the pond, and enjoy the sun as it hit that magical spot for golden hour. These are the glorious moments everyone was there to enjoy, pulling up those oh-so coveted chairs to sit with friends and socialize for some hours. And one amazing thing I noticed- I didn’t see any cell phones out during this time!

That’s the things about Parisians… they take their social down time VERY seriously. It’s a huge part of their way of life. I found it soooo genuine and refreshing, hearing happy chatter around me and people, from teen to adult, just out to enjoy life and the moment. That’s something I finally started getting the hang of while in Paris. I miss it a lot.

Shirt: In Your Arms | Skirt: Zara | Shoes: Franco Sarto | Hat: 66 the Label | Scarf: Realisation Par
Coat: Zara | Necklaces: Five & Two | Josh’s Sweater: Zara Man

un cafe creme & un chocolat chaud

Sarah Loven tours Boulevard Saint Germain

Market day treats

walking to tuileries

Golden hour in the gardens

stray dog at park in Paris

Movie Night!

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  • Love your outfit!

    • Taylor says:

      I have never traveled to Europe, but I have been to other countries outside the StAtes and have noticed the lack of cell phones out during sociAl times in those countries as well. I love the break you feel during the leisure times that so many People take advange of in other places. This has been one of the cultural practices I have tried to adopt being back home! Your pictures are stunnting btw! 🙂

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