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Valentine’s Baby

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Maybe being born 6 days before Valentine’s Day has engrained some sort of romanticism in me. I’ve always lived with one foot in reality and the other foot in a romantic fairytale world. As a child I wanted to see the magic everywhere, and in everything. I found beauty in simplicity, and inspiration in corners of nature. Colors, light, smells, experiences, every feeling around me… these all contributed so much to my childhood life and even more so while growing up. I am constantly seeking a way to capture this romanticism and convey it in my life and work.

I found something beautiful in the amazing detail and quality of the Honey & Birdette designs! The lingerie from them is probably the best and most beautiful I’ve ever owned, and I can’t even duo it justice in these photos. You just have to see it, touch it, and feel it for yourself. I highly recommend you spend your Valentine’s money on something special from them!

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Lingerie: Honey & Birdette | Choker: Vanessa Mooney | Sweater: River Island

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