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2015 Recap

It’s time for our 2015 Recap video! Bringing back all the memories from our adventures this past year, with life on the road. Just 2 lovers, a 1972 Airstream, and making friends along the way. I couldn’t have expected all the

Coachella Diaries | The Video

Follow our Coachella adventures with our highlight video! Wading through seas of people, venturing from stage to stage, dancing with friends and becoming friends with strangers. Endless music, and hot hours to cool nights… this is what the festival is about.

Coachella | Day 3 – Outfit 3

Coachella Day 3, Outfit 3. Fresh coconuts, purple mountain sunsets, ferris wheels and new friends. Well it’s time for the final Coachella blog post… I’m sort of sad to be writing this. I had such a blast editing and writing

Coachella | Day 3 – Outfit 2

Coachella Day 3, Outfit 2. Soaking up the golden rays, dancing in a desert daze. We started day 2 at the venue with St. Lucia, sitting in the grass with the gathering crowd at the front of stage, crouched under a towel

Coachella | Day 3 – Outfit 1

Coachella Day 3, outfit 1. White hot sun and festival flags in the desert breeze. Day 3… I won’t lie. It was a chore to get ready on day three with the intense heat sucking the energy from you. It

Coachella | Day 2 – Outfit 2

Coachella Day 2, outfit 2. Golden hour, golden hearts… music, dancing, and good friends. Like I said in my last post, Day 2 was my favorite. We not only adventured around with Corina of Wild & Free Jewelry, but we magically

Coachella | Day 2 – Outfit 1

Coachella day 2, outfit 1. All good things are wild and free. Corina of Wild & Free Jewelry, Josh, and I adventured around Coachella shooting and laughing and dancing. I think this was my favorite day, filled with good vibes

Coachella | Day 1 – Outfit 3

Coachella Day 1, outfit 3. Flower child vibes and golden light, fade into a magical night. The sun started setting into the final hours of daylight, stretching our shadows out long and turning the world to gold. We shared a sweet pink watermelon

Coachella | Day 1 – Outfit 2

Coachella Day 1, outfit 2. Desert dust and clear blue skies. It was beautiful, and unbearably hot! We trekked from the campgrounds to the venue, following the crowd to the ferris wheel in the distance. We wondered if we would

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