Les Belles Lettres Book by Sarah Loven

Behind Les Belles Lettres

Les Belles Lettres: Poetry, Prose & Other Musings by Sarah Loven. Now Published! Read the story behind the book here.

Dealing with my Job Stress, Emotions & Anxiety

Opening Up About My Recent Anxiety Yesterday was one of those days where IG just decides no one wants to see my posts. The immediate urge is to delete the posts because they didn’t do well, but I always hate

Sarah Loven and Nextdoornomad euro street style

New Year, New Jetset Lust

A re-design, a stolen concept, another re-design, and months of building later… I present the new and improved Jetset Lust! Here’s a little breakdown of why we moved in this new direction, and what surprises you’ll find here! New Year

Instagram and Creative Sabotage.

Instagram & Creative Sabotage

This is a topic I’ve touched on briefly in other posts, but as it affects me so much these days, I feel the need to share more of my experiences and emotions. Instagram and Creative Sabotage… what am I talking

Instagram Influencers - A Bubble Soon To Pop

IG Influencers: A Bubble Soon to Pop

I have come to accept it, and I’m sure there are people out there refusing to talk about it. Especially since last year it became a $1 billion industry, and could be worth $2.38 billion by the time 2019 hits.

How to be an Individual.

How to be an Individual

“If outside validation is your only source of nourishment, you will hunger for the rest of your life.” We are all unique, we are all individuals. But what does it actually mean to be an individual- someone who is so

SS 2018 Trend Forecast

I may not have tabs on every trend from every style out there, but being so intertwined with the fashion industry gives me some advantages that I really love! One being seeing the arrival of new trends and styles, and

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