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SS 2018 Trend Forecast

Sarah Loven's 2018 Trend Forecast

I may not have tabs on every trend from every style out there, but being so intertwined with the fashion industry gives me some advantages that I really love! One being seeing the arrival of new trends and styles, and seeing which take hold and become popular.

One must remember, micro trends are one thing, but a real trend will be around longer than one season. If it was starting to catch fire last year, then it’ll probably be back and better than ever this year. So having a keen sense of what trends seem likely to be revisited, and pairing that with where the fashion world is headed for upcoming seasons, is important when it comes to predicting the Trend Forecast.

To me, it’s a little like an art, and I get all excited when I see ideas I fall in love with appearing here and there. And I just get that feeling like… YES! That’s what I want to be wearing all summer this year! That’s when you know this is going to be a huge trend.

So, without further adieu, here is my personal Trend Forecast for 2018, starting with each season, and covering some specific styles that don’t necessarily pertain to seasons (especially if you live in a climate like LA where your wardrobe lives through multiple seasons). I hope you are as excited about these trends as I am!

SS 2018 Trend Forecast

Spring/Summer = French Country/Riviera
We will see more peasant blouses and dresses, gingham will be back, and minimal colors in chic, classic cuts (especially swimwear). Ruffles and silks, stripes and polka dots, pastels, and eyelet lace. I predict a lot of white on white ensembles will be appearing- I personally want to experiment with white pants and jackets- like a super laid back approach to an all white suit. Also, so happy that all types of basket bags are back again this season, to be styled in new an unexpected ways.

Summer = Iconic Styles
Outfit details from the 50’s-70’s will make up a lot of outfit trend elements. Think old Cinema across the globe, from Hollywood to Paris. High waist everything, structured bustier tops and dresses, and revisiting vintage cuts and prints. Think Brigitte Bardot in the 60’s, Sophia Loren, François Hardy, Ana Karina, and Coco Chanel. From ultra girly, to chic, to menswear in a feminine meets masculine way, a la Coco Chanel. “Femmasculine”? Red will accent lots of designs. Bold reds. We will see much more of the white frame sunglasses (and other colors, in oval and cat eye), the small gold-wire frames, or other vintage frames. Think… Nouvelle Vague. And lots of kitten heels as seen in the iconic Dior X Vogue editorials.

The Peasant Look
This is probably one I’m expecting to see everywhere this spring/summer, having seen successful designs last summer already popping up again this spring. More specifically in crisp starchy whites, or vintage whites. NOT to be confused with the boho embroidered peasant blouses. Expect to see square, Bardot, and ballet necklines, puffy sleeves, shank buttons down the front, eyelet lace, lace up blouses, corset style tops, all variations of corsets and belts, off the shoulder, ruffles, blouses with neck bows, and any tops or dresses you might expect Snow White to wear.

Keep it Simple
Simple tees with minimal designs or statement words/illustrations will be a go-to for comfort and style. Tuck it into high waist denim, and slip on some comfortable shoes. You can easily elevate this look by going with a silk cami to bare some skin, or alternating your flats for some strappy minimal heels. This is the perfect outfit to make use of a market tote or basket bag for the ultimate effortless French girl look. Top it off with fresh bed head and a neck scarf, and you’re quintessentially stylish.

Animal Instinct
Leopard print silks, slips and accessories to wear on balmy summer nights, adding a sense of sensuality and a hint of raw nature in us. Leopard was revisited in full this winter, and I don’t think we’re ready or it to leave just yet. From pants to dresses, scarves, hats, and sunglasses… let loose and go wild. We have all embraced the leopard print!

White Out
White pants- specifically paired with a white top or tee. I predict layering of whites in all different shades and textures will become it’s own little trend this spring-summer. I’m also excited to try out some of my own all white outfit ideas.

We’ve already seen it come to life last fall, and I predict it will continue on through the next year. Playing with masculine vs feminine within an outfit is really fulfilling. Power suits, boxy blazers, trash bag waist pants, cigarette pants… it’s all about the business chic meets fearless sex appeal. Menswear x chic combinations. Even down to the shoes- such as Loafers, Brogues, Birkenstocks, and Doc Martins paired with a more neat and sensual top. For summer we will see it in lighter fabrics and whites… maybe in some resort fabrics? I’m personally envisioning taking a blazer (maybe in linen?) and making it beachwear!

Logo Mania – Is it ready to leave yet?
I imagine designer names will be on EVERYTHING. Even the cover of your day planner. Enough said. I just don’t think we are ready to let go of designer logos yet!

Cozy Chic
Mostly for the cold weather season… or what’s left of it. Cozy Chic consists of Luxe furs paired with comfy pieces (think joggers, latex/leather bottoms, black tights), luxe gold earrings, slicked back neat hair styles, and chic statement sunglasses. You know the look- the one that goes hand in hand with a morning espresso and croissant while people watching from your bistro cafe table. Or jumping off the plane to your new destination, looking utterly amazing. It’s all about luxe meets comfort. For warmer months, we may dub it “Comfy Chic”!

Legs Legs Legs
So tights may have reappeared a little late in the winter season, but spring is no reason to miss out. Tights will appear in all sorts of patterns and colors to make your legs a statement part of your outfit. Fishnet had its heyday, and semi-sheer black tights are an easy go-to for a chic layered look. What will spring and summer have for us? I’m excited to experiment.

The Jewelry
Personally I think we all are still enthralled with the layering of gold jewelry, from the chunky to the delicate. Gold earrings with a hint of the abstract in their design are becoming a staple to elevate your look. The go especially nice with a white tee, like a blank museum wall and art dangling from your ears. Same applies to gold rings and necklaces.

Shoe Therapy
To keep it simple, the shoes I see being a huge hitter this spring/summer are as follows: kitten heels, pointed toe shoes (heels, flats, slides), Lace up “granny boots”, woven “basket” style flats, block heels, velvet, loafers, brogues, combat boots, Birkenstocks, and Doc Martins.

“Daisy Duck” Pointed Shoes
Google a pic of DD and you’ll know just what I mean. These vintage style shoes in any form such as sling backs, kitten heels, and slides are gracing the world again. When they first came out last summer in their full-foot engulfing design, I basically grimaced and shook my head “no way”. This year they’ve returned in a new form and I’m definitely okay with the redesign. Opening the heel and giving it more aesthetic made the shoe much more approachable and less awkward to wear in public. I won’t be embarrassed to try these this summer. Maybe even with some sheer socks under?

The method for elevating a simple outfit to perfection will have us relying on these accessories this season: Neck scarves, gold jewelry, vintage sunglasses, textured bags, basket bags, sack purses, net market totes, belts, berets, tights, baker boy caps, boater hats, color block manicures, and an interesting book.

Patterns to Watch For
Every patterned fabric you’ll want to stock up on: Gingham, plaid, check, polka dot, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, hearts, stars, kisses, tweed, leopard, eyelet lace, and florals with a French Country twist.

Be sure to check back as I update the Trend Forecast with all the new fashion elements I spot on the rise! From Paris Fashion Week to Los Angeles, I’ve got my eye on what the fashion industry is up to next.

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