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Tower Eiffel

Sarah Loven wears Realisation Par in Paris

Spring in Paris at the Eiffel Tower… where blossoms scent the air, lovers picnic in the grass beyond the tower, and birds sing a bit sweeter. From morning till night in the shifting light, the tower is a constantly changing piece of art set against the horizon of the city.

Tower Eiffel

There are so many things to love about Paris, one of my favorites being the fact that as you go about the city, you’ll find the iconic Eiffel Tower revealing itself to you. Sometimes it’s tiny, off on the horizon. Other times it’s peaking around a corner as you drive down a street. Then it’s giant, towering above you as you get closer.

It’s that cliche image we all think of as representing Paris, something that is supposed to be so special, so it feels sort of ironic when you catch glimpses of it everywhere you go. Even from the top of the hill in Montmarte, there it is- sitting like a tiara upon the rooftops of Paris. And at night, it’s a beacon from every angle, a glittering reflection across the Seine with those 8:00 sparkles through the trees.

I found it extremely mundane and magical at the same time. Like I couldn’t quite decide if it was as special as the whole world makes it out to be… or maybe better. But then I remembered that there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else, and even though I’ve seen it all my life in photos and movies, it IS as magical as it seems.

Either way, now I miss it standing in the corner of my eye, and the gasps of tourists around me as the sparkles suddenly light up the night, it’s shape an elegant silhouette. I think the iron lady looks even better in photos- of course she is one of the most photographed subjects! It’s just something one has to see for their self, and make it as magical as the memories you associate with it.

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