Our Story

What started as the documentation of a road trip across the country, became a a romantic journal of 2 lovers/bon vivants sharing their travels, and their art inspired by nostalgia.

how they met

Josh grew up in the media production industry. As if their fate was sealed, Josh’s work took him to multiple locations and states where his path would cross with Sarah’s throughout the years. Though it wasn’t until one day in 2010 that they finally met… and their connection was undeniable. On the anniversary of their first year together, they were engaged. And in August 2011, they were married.

Since the moment they found each other, they’ve been inseparable, choosing to take the road less travelled to work side by side. Their dreams meshed into the same vision, and out of their creativity their personal brand and business was born. Together they make two halves of a whole.

sarah loven

about her

Sarah grew up the daughter of a painter, and surrounded by art. Her passions are expressed through many outlets, such a photography, fashion, cinematography, writing, and painting.

She has been creating since she could hold a pencil to draw and a camera to shoot, and she had been writing since the age of 13. Her photography experience began as a passion project, with a strong background in the conceptual and art genre.

Her business was a success before finishing her first year of college, and she left school to pursue her career in portrait and fashion photography.

about him

Joshua is the muscle behind the magic. While Sarah dreams up their creative endeavors, Josh is the doer. As partners, they make the perfect team to accomplish whatever is needed.

While his skills cover tech, web design, digital content creation, and even building, Josh is foremost a musician. His 23 years as a guitarist have given birth to great skill with writing and playing his own songs.

His unique style is extremely cinematic and nostalgic, consequently creating a “sound track” of sorts to their lives.

2 lovers in Paris, at Midnight

jetset lust

When Sarah’s work shifted from clients to personal projects with her husband, their blog was born. Originally named “Ready Gypset Go” (founded in 2012), it quickly gained a growing audience as they purchased a 1972 vintage Airstream trailer, renovated it, and traveled the country with no permanent home base.

It was then the couple began working with international brands to create editorials, look books, videos, and social media content in amazing locations around the world. Sarah models, styles, and creative directs, while Josh shoots and films the content.

They share their adventures, work, and passions via their platform Jetset Lust (renamed in 2017), dedicated to the art of living and inspiring their fellow bon vivants.

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