Fashion Week

Sarah Loven at Cafe Valentin in Paris

Cafe Valentin

For me, Valentine’s Day has a record of being more “miss” than hit. But that doesn’t curb my enthusiasm for the holiday. Being born only a week before V Day, I tend to be a romantic and look forward to

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Paris & Fashion Week Vlog Somehow in the chaos of the season, I forgot to post our Paris Fashion Week Vlog here! But better late than never, right? I wanted to talk about why I made one single Recap/Vlog video instead of many short


An evening in Paris, passing by the Luxembourg Palace and walking the street covered in Autumn leaves. Dusk was settling upon the city with a soft pale light, and the palace windows glowed like tiny glimmering candles in the distance.

Paris from my Window

Our last days in Paris brought us to the coziest little hotel in Bonne Nouvelle. It wasn’t planned, we ended up here on a whim. The hotel was tucked away on a quiet street. It was Sunday morning, and it

Sarah Loven at Palais Royal in the Fall

Palais Royal Gardens

To me, there’s no place more romantic than where Parisian architecture and gardens meet. And Palais Royal is the coziest and quaintest of them all. In the middle of the city, almost hidden to those who might not know about

Paris Fashion Week SS18

Take a peek behind the scenes of another day at Paris Fashion Week SS18! First thing in the morning we headed to our new hotel in Bonne Nouvelle, which was probably the coziest area and neighborhood. The hotel was so

Sarah Loven the Louvre, Paris Fashion Week

PFW : Rahul Mishra + Louvre

I’m so excited to share a day from our Paris Fashion Week SS18 adventure! From morning photoshoots outside the Louvre, to getting down to my skivvies in the gardens, lunch at Cafe Paul, and then off to the Rahul Mishra

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