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An evening in Paris, passing by the Luxembourg Palace and walking the street covered in Autumn leaves. Dusk was settling upon the city with a soft pale light, and the palace windows glowed like tiny glimmering candles in the distance. It was an oddly quiet time between evening and night, when the city pauses for a breath before coming alive in the way Paris does at night. The leaves stirred along the cobblestones and the air chilled, smelling of autumn and something magnificent from a restaurant nearby.

It was just a short moment- a memory in this place, passing through the streets at dusk. A more primitive memory than a lot of my other experiences in the city. But in some way, its simplicity makes it even more precious, and more clear.

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5U9A6466Top & Pants: Verge Girl | Shoes: Alberta Ferretti | Purse: Mon Purse | Scarf & Belt: Enjoué Collectif





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