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PFW : Rahul Mishra + Louvre

Sarah Loven the Louvre, Paris Fashion Week

I’m so excited to share a day from our Paris Fashion Week SS18 adventure! From morning photoshoots outside the Louvre, to getting down to my skivvies in the gardens, lunch at Cafe Paul, and then off to the Rahul Mishra fashion show… it was a day packed full of adventure!

the Louvre and


First thing in the morning we went off to Palais Royal, one of my top favorite spots to visit on a sunny Paris day, and shot something special, which I’ll be sharing soon. (That’s a story and outfit for another post!) We walked from there to the Louvre, because this trip we were determined to do more walking and less Ubering, just to save some of our budget for more fun things, and because you can just see so much more when on foot.

So after arriving at the Louvre gardens, I got changed into my PFW look for the Rahul Mishra show. Which is a funny story… I’m usually determined to not have to go inside places and use restrooms to change, as I always feel guilty like I then have to buy something. Plus I’m always in a hurry and Paris is too chaotic for that, so somehow I always manage to change clothes outside in some odd spot avoiding the public. In the gardens of the Louvre, there are those rows of hedges you probably know… well I discovered a secret passageway inside these hedges… actually it’s just to access the watering system, ha. But I literally climbed inside the bushes and changed from a maxi dress to this outfit, completely topless at one point, just around the hedge corner from a young French couple making out intensely. Only in Paris… Well as I emerge from the crevice of the bushes pulling my shirt down, a tourist comes out of nowhere to ask Josh, who was nonchalantly standing guard, if he could take their photo. The timing couldn’t have been better! My first inclination was to try and innocently explain that I was just changing my clothes in there! You know, cause that’s a normal thing to do in a public tourist location… HAHA.

WELL, anyway…! I managed to glam myself up a little considering it was a quick change in a bush, and we strolled over to Paul for a late lunch, one of my top favorite cafes to visit whenever in Paris. I got my favorite Mixte Baguette Sandwich, which is like a club I think…? And we sat under a tree at the wooden bistro tables and stared right at the Louvre while the golden sunlight made the scene look straight out of a movie. Tourists passed by in crowds, a little girl and her dad played with a flying wind up bird for endless giggles, and a little old lady straight out of Mary Poppins called a flock of pigeons to her out of nowhere. I was pretty much asking myself if this was real life!

After eating literally the best sandwich ever (except every sandwich from Paris is the best ever), we shot some content in front of the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, managing to collect some sort of audience for part of our little photoshoot. Not sure what they thought was happening, but they were really invested in watching with big smiles while I tried to focus on looking natural for photos. Afterwards, we made our escape and caught an Uber to Palais de Tokyo for the Rahul Mishra show.

I was pleasantly surprised by his SS18 collection, inspired by the science of light creating color, like a prism. The collection felt so much like summer to me. Fleeting colors collided in prism-like prints and patterns. Resort fabrics bounced in ruffles, and striped blazers reminded me of candy colored barber string quartets… Lol, OR the Riviera.  As a whole it was a look I found myself intrigued by and attracted to!

After the show I got snagged again for an interview (this also happened obefore the show when snapping some photos out front with Josh & the paparazzi). I find it hilarious that somehow I always get singled out for interviews about the show or what I’m wearing. And surprisingly, I’m super camera shy and hate talking on video! I’m not an eloquent speaker at all compared to my writing, so I’ve really been accepting these surprise situations and trying to work on not freaking out. I finally realized I should start taking mental notes on my thoughts on the collection during the show, so I’m a little more prepared than saying things like “I would totally wear the naked dress… you know, the one with the feathers and embroidery” LOL.

After the show we took the metro home to our new favorite neighborhood Bonne Nouvelle! We immediately climbed out of the metro and walked into the Restaurant just steps away for dinner. I picked it because the vibes felt nice, it was one of those iconic Parisian cafes, and we like sitting outside at the cafe tables instead of inside. I forget what it was called, but honestly it was the only time I’ve had such bad service in Paris! There were only two waiters and I’m convinced they must have been doing all the cooking too, because they were running around very distraught and hardly paying attention to what they were doing. Literally, the guy put our receipt down without even looking, missed the table and let it fall to the floor, and kept walking! But the food was delicious nonetheless, and I got to hear one of my favorite songs “Sunset Lover” by Petit Biscuit playing in the restaurant. (Which is rare, because most cafes and restaurants don’t play music so everyone can talk.)

After dinner we limped home (well, only I limped because these shoes were definitely not broken in yet and we did SO much walking). I think I’ve absolutely fallen in love with walking everywhere, though. Last PFW we Ubered everywhere because of timing and cold temps, and we would always see cool things but never get to actually check them out. Even when we planned to come back to them, it was just not possible to do it all when you just kind of keep tumbling forward in this city. So this time we definitely did it right, and took Paris on a whim every moment, discovering new streets and corners and really getting to experience it the way I think one should. After knowing the lay of the city from our previous month living there, we knew exactly where and what we wanted to do, what to expect with travel time, what to eat, etc, and to always bring a jacket! This was also our first time really tackling the Metro and I’m proud to say we mastered it and used the metro, RER, and busses to get around for most our daily trips around the city (and to Versailles).

So that wraps up this blog post! I been wanting to share so much from our trip and it’s been a little crazy with the current projects we are working on. And this specific batch of photos sort of tortured me, as it took 2 days of editing, only to find out my Photoshop had some sort of renaming glitch that overwrote all my edited photos with the unedited ones… Sooo I had to redo them alllll in one day because I wanted to hurry up and get this post up for you guys! And my wrist is about to crumble and my hand fall off. But it was worth it, so I hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned and please subscribe because we have so much more to share with you from this trip, and more! LOVE YOU!

Top, Belt, Pants, Shoes: River Island | Bag: Colab | Trench Coat: Bare Anthology | Locket Necklace: Azil | Watch: Paul Hewitt

05jetsetlust sarahloven louvre
02jetsetlust sarahloven louvre

shooting photos between the crowds

07jetsetlust sarahloven louvre
03jetsetlust sarahloven louvre

arriving at palais de tokyo

11jetsetlust sarahloven pfw mishra
10jetsetlust sarahloven pfw mishra
13jetsetlust sarahloven pfw mishra
14jetsetlust sarahloven pfw mishra

interview with world fashion channel

catching the light show before dinner

16jetsetlust sarahloven paris
18jetsetlust sarahloven paris
20jetsetlust sarahloven paris
22jetsetlust sarahloven paris
21jetsetlust sarahloven paris

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