Sarah Loven in pink lace up corset bodysuit

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Midsummer is here and it makes me feel lost in a dream! In celebration of Playboy’s annual Midsummer Night’s Dream Party, a whimsical collection was curated exclusively at Yandy! A Midsummer Night’s Dream Yandy X Playboy The collection features lingerie

Sarah Loven wears Yandy Lingerie Loungewear - Stay at Home

Enter Through the Looking Glass

Quaratine for over a month and one must find a new way to escape to faraway places. I’m getting creative while staying home in my Yandy lingerie…

Sarah Loven wears black lace Honey Birdette lingerie in LA

Angels in the City

Once in a while, you can have have a wild night. Like meeting up with your favorite lingerie brand in a fancy LA hotel to try on their new collection, take some fun photos, and go home with shopping bags

Sarah Loven models Honey Birdette Lingerie in field

Lavender Skies & Animal Eyes

This night marked a time of metamorphosis for me. It was Full, Harvest Moon, Friday the 13th, a rare occurrence that won’t be happening again for another 30 years- Aug. 13, 2049. I felt more alive that week than I

sunset at Versailles gardens

Versailles at Sunset

There’s a certain magic that appears when the gardens of Versailles are completely empty at sunset. The silence, the open air, the astounding beauty of the aesthetics… it is truly a gift to be able to experience it. When the

Elegant Luxury style dress in tall green grass field, yellow flowers, and tree at sunset

Garden of Eden

Ever since I was a child I was fascinated with nature. I looked to it as an escape. Every little patch of wild that was still left between the developments in the suburbs, were my imaginary worlds- the places that

Sarah Loven in French Riviera Style at the beach

Remember the Ocean

In a way, living by the coast is similar to the expression “The grass is always greener on the other side”, because you’re here where the world envies the beach access and trendy lifestyle, but most the time one forgets

Sarah Loven wear Faithfull the Brand in DTLA

Spring in LA

Spring in LA, where the sun is shining, the weekends are sweet, people are happier, and life is a little more beautiful because everything is in bloom. A day in Downtown LA Arts District is just what one needs to

Wildflower Heart

When people let me down, I find peace and renewed inspiration in nature and art. When I step away from things like technology, get away from the screens and that tether to the ever active online world, I feel a

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