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Wildflower Heart

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When people let me down, I find peace and renewed inspiration in nature and art. When I step away from things like technology, get away from the screens and that tether to the ever active online world, I feel a weight lift off me. And surrounding myself with nature, purely alive for me with no strings attached, no grudges, no expectations, I can shed the weight of stress and almost become reborn again.

I take deep breaths and I can taste the distant rainclouds on my tongue. I fill my lungs with sweet wildflower air, a delicate perfume that has a calming effect on me. And somehow it reassures me that everything is okay. I walk and remember what it feels like to walk without purpose, without time, without direction. To feel my weight shift between my feet, slowly meandering and taking in the view.

Nothing makes me happier than the simple things, the things that ask nothing from me but I delight in their existence. Like sunshine, I always need sunshine. And flowers. And birds singing- I listen for the robin and the black bird, my favorite songs. I smell each and every wildflower, stopping to take mental notes of their unique fragrances. Some are faint, some are sticky sweet like honey.

I love to learn their names to keep a mental catalogue of my favorites. Jasmine, Daphne, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, and new ones all the time that I discover on my walks. From the prim gardens to the wild shrubs, they fascinate me. To notice the details, and appreciate them, takes my mind someplace safe. A place of “zen”, if you will.

“Always look for the flowers.
When you learn to notice them,
you see them everywhere.”

– Les Belles Lettres

Dress: Nasty Gal | Hat: Enjoué Collectif | Scarf: Cleobella | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Purse: Bembien

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  • G+V says:

    ♪ Quiet hour
    You have always been my wildflower
    Showing up wherever beauty’s lost its way
    Your heart must break ♪

  • Patricia says:

    really enjoying the tone of your writing! can’t wait for your book to come out 😄

  • Emilia St. Jon says:

    Darling outfit 💕
    I so do admire your blog and how amazingly creative you are. You aren’t simply just another pretty face in cute clothes. You create and share an entire lifestyle through your intellect and beautiful writings and photography in a way that is unmatched by any other model.

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