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Chance of Rain song by Josh, @nextdoornomad

chance of rain

The air is thick with the scent of oncoming rain. The simplicity of having to be nowhere on a gloomy day, is reflected in this mellow song. Steel acoustic strings reverberate, creating a sense of nostalgia. Like an old vynil playing on a 70’s record player.

la seine cover

la seine

The most cinematic of his songs, to capture the essence of the Seine River in Paris. The notes seem to tumble on like the running of water, capturing the emotion of when, by the Seine, the lovers experienced the magic of Paris reborn beneath the spring sun.



He waits for her to get ready before they go. She’s standing in front of the window, fixing her hair, and bathed in the dusty golden glow. Attendre (waiting) is a fleeting moment captured, inspired by the desire for coffee on the cafe terrace with one’s beloved.

rising and setting

rising and setting

Rising and Setting is for the sweetness of first light, and the silence of the night. It tenderly provokes emotions through winding melodic notes, reminiscent of a cinematic Parisian film. The song moves in a circular motion, like the cycle of the sun.

le petite salon

le petite salon

Tender notes remind of lazing about without any cares. Le Petite Salon was inspired by the love of the famous queen’s rooms of Petite Trianon, and the idealized lifestyle of a simplistic mood amidst opulent grander. The song almost transports one there…



Sweet and melodic notes form a romantic tune, inspired by slow moments spent in bed. The morning light pours through the crack in the curtain, and he watches her, waiting for her to wake up. “Chevet” means bedside, or also “beadhead”.

pensee profonde cover

pensée profonde

Pensée Profonde (deep thought) induces a feeling of warmth and happiness through melodic and easy-going chords. A moment of bliss captured in this melody is a reminder of letting go of darker feelings to embrace lightheartedness. La vie est belle.

meandre cover


Mèandre (meander) captures the energetic attitude of the night. It’s when the lamplights come on, and the city streets glow with the warmth pouring from windows and doors. The song promises adventure ahead, when Paris comes alive and the wine is flowing.

dimanche cover


The radio plays in the background, and the windows are open to the streets below, filled with slow-strolling passers-by. It’s afternoon, and the sweet and slow notes of this song give a taste of the simplicity of a lazy Dimanche (Sunday).

Nextdoornomad music: Le Palais

le palais

Reminiscent of old chamber music, and inspired by walking through the sunlit streets of Paris. This song is dedicated to the beauty found in a place so full of history- where by just being there, you can almost feel like part of a masterpiece.

romance de la pluie cover

romance de la pluie

Once, the lovers were caught in the rain, in Paris at night. They went from doorway to doorway, taking shelter from the downpour, finding romance in the glistening avenues. Romance de la Pluie (romance of the rain) is a musical memory, mellow and sweet.

  • picture?type=large& md5=e753dc075c9e14ed6247bde7ebb47436 Meg Arentz says:

    This is so beautiful! I need this music in my life on a daily basis. It gives me a peace that all is right in the world!

  • 4defe0aa63f413e159477b11bc149f6e?s=32&d=blank&r=g Christie Lanzilotti says:

    Absolutely beautiful music– I was brought to tears by La Seine! I cannot wait for the Album to be released.
    So original and overflowing with passion…this is the work of a true artist. I just adore it! Bravo, my amazing friends.

  • picture?type=large& md5=515b636343957cd3240cfecbeccb7982 Pier Loven says:

    These are all so beautiful! pensée profonde is my favorite. I could listen to it on repeat. Can he come play this at my wedding? ❤️ Love it!

    • b5e515f1fdc08246c294700dc3f5a772?s=32&d=blank&r=g Joshua says:

      Thank you pier! So glad you like them 🙂 I’m sure I can fit the guitar in the overhead bin on our flight. So when is the big day?

  • It’s a rainy sunday morning here in Holland, and I’m listening to this music in bed…It gives me peace and joy, I will definitely buy the album as soon as it’s ready !

  • f3808ad9c26145ae82a75714e5e25755?s=32&d=blank&r=g Oxana says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Love following your guys’ journey! Much love <3

  • 21366f677ba2d61e08861189c9991a60?s=32&d=blank&r=g Alexandra Ford Hamilton says:

    You guys!!!! These are all so good I have goosebumps. Are they on Spotify yet?! I need them on repeat haha!

  • 1b1e7185a591499ea4c4b68b8146db06?s=32&d=blank&r=g Kaleigh Journell says:

    It takes me to a place, I love this music!

  • d387597aceda1a1dbcf4202476bf04d8?s=32&d=blank&r=g Kat says:

    Love love love this music!!! Such beautiful, passionate, loving compositions. It takes me back to Paris and back to my idealistic,, romantic self. I can’t wait for them to get on Spotify to add to my playlist 💙💙

    • b5e515f1fdc08246c294700dc3f5a772?s=32&d=blank&r=g Joshua says:

      Thank you for your kind words Kat! I appreciate you taking the time to say that, Paris is a big inspiration for my music and I look forward to sharing the album on Spotify soon!

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