Our Airstream

A Touch of Spring

Under every girls clothes is the lingerie that makes her day. Haha, I just made that up on the spot, but isn’t it so true? I start my day with an outfit idea in mind, and my whole look depends

Mad for Mauve

This fall, I realized I started gravitating towards dusty pastels. With the heat sticking around thanks to Indian Summer, and the Cali lifestyle holding on to summer, I felt like typical fall colors were just not working for me. When

Sarah Loven X Dove for NYE

Making big plans for NYE day and the party that night! That not only means planning my outfits and hair styles ahead of time (which includes lots of rose gold to match my pink hair), but preparing for the effects

Cozy Holiday Dreaming

We have officially put up our big Christmas tree outside, decorated and all! We were a little behind this year with all the business of work, but I’m finally in full on festive mode, thanks to lights hanging everywhere, holiday music

Sarah Loven X Cosabella

Sometimes I get to partner with brands that I just LOVE what they’re doing, and Cosabella is one of them! As they bring their brand to the West Coast, I was excited that they reached out to me for a

SEEN Magazine Interview

Some of you may have seen my post on Instagram about my SEEN Magazine feature, but I finally got the pages up on the blog here for you to read the interview! I talk a bit about my life as a

put your records on

Some days I just have to take a day off, put on the record player, and allow my mind to relax. It’s crucial as an artist to have time to tune out, and allow rest and rejuvenation to happen, so

snow angel

Baby it’s cold outside. But I’m thankful to have this cozy gypsy wagon to call our home for the holiday. I felt like having a white Christmas, even though we are just getting wind, sideways rain, and storms. So I

Inside our Airstream | part 2

I’m so excited to finally bring you another part of our Airstream reveal! So much has been going on and keeping us busy between blog work and travel, it’s been hard to get everything completely finished to the point where I

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