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Some days I just have to take a day off, put on the record player, and allow my mind to relax. It’s crucial as an artist to have time to tune out, and allow rest and rejuvenation to happen, so that new creative thoughts can be born. We forget in this day and age that not everything needs to happen instantly. Not everything needs to be perfect. Not everything needs to be hard work. Life only happens once, and the days will slip out of your hands if you rush through your week!

Take a moment each day for yourself. I can’t tell you how important this is. I just started a new routine for the new year. I call it my selfish time, even though it’s not selfish at all. It’s necessary. But I call it that to remind myself to spoil myself a little bit each day, to not worry about what needs my attention next, to maintain inner peace and find happiness in the simple things.

I’ll wake up, work out to upbeat music while drinking a green smoothie, shower with a candle lit, apply inspiring scented oils to my hair and skin, and take time to get inspired either from Pinterest or other travel/fashion sources. Put on an outfit, wether comfy or chic, to make me feel confident and comfortable. Sometimes I do my nails, sometimes I work on my “tan” (Bali Body self tanner, of course), or other girly rituals to make me feel like I have a fresh start.

It may sound shallow to work on your outer appearance. I subconsciously thought the same thing for a while. But I realized I was slowly falling out of love with myself. We have to keep a healthy relationship with ourselves. It sounds funny, right? But if we don’t show ourselves some love and care, we can become almost bitter. And how can we care about others if we don’t even care about ourselves? If you want to see the happy healthy version of you that you wish would show her face more often, LOVE her! She will love you right back. And you’ll feel so refreshed and ready to take on the day, after taking that 30 minutes first thing in the morning for yourself.

So put your records on, light your favorite candle, treat all your senses, and think “ohm” thoughts.


Sweater: For Love & Lemons
Septum Ring: Midsummer Star
Ring & Cuff: Tribe Jewelry








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  • Kelli says:

    Is Rumors the only record you have?

    • Sarah Loven says:

      Nope, we have a small collection growing with every thrift store we visit! My fav is Our Beach Boys 1969 copy of Wild Honey and 20/20!

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