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Our second story flat in Montmartre became our little hideaway in the middle of the busy city, where vespas buzz up and down the streets day and night. I spent a lot of time people watching from our balcony, soaking in the sound of the birds in the morning or at dusk.

Noir et Blanc

Paris, the city for lovers, offered a romantic backdrop that inspired my work in ways I’d never gotten to experience before. The architecture is what sets this city apart, being so old and full of boundless detail and beauty. I’m not lying when I say there are more streets than even a full time Parisian could explore, and each building has those picturesque elements.

There’s a different way of life in Paris, as compared to LA, that I can’t quite put my finger on. One might think that it’s like a movie, but I learned differently my first visit. Paris is much more tangible than you glimpse from dreamy movie scenes. Some even find it shocking when they arrive- because it’s actually a real life city. Lots of people, traffic, noises, smells, and… well, trash. You’d be surprised at the amount of graffiti that marks the beautiful buildings, and the fact that there is actually a scary ghetto area that, when I stumbled upon, reminded me of Chicago or NY.

I won’t lie, I was a bit overwhelmed when I first experienced all of this. And the March weather, plus my acute bronchitis I had for 2 weeks, made me more of a homebody than I’d have preferred. But it gave me a cozy appreciation for this adorable flat we were lucky to book so last minute (thanks to Perfectly Paris on AirBnB)- and it became our home away from home for the month.

Here’s a little roundup of our lazy days spent inside, being sleepy lovers.

Artist’s Corner – Paris Perfect Rentals

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