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8 Summer Trends to Obsess Over

The amazing thing about Paris is the fact it seems most trends are born there, and that city is always ahead of the curve when it comes to the details everyone will be loving this upcoming fashion season. While in Paris I spotted and exercised a lot of these trends, and I really wanted to give you a sneak peek of each of my favs, some of which I also picked up on in the States as well.

Here are 8 summer trends everyone will be obsessing over…


As soon as I saw this “picnic” cloth appearing on tiny dresses and frilly tops, I knew I had to order everything I could in this print. It gives me those feels that remind me of my childhood running around barefoot in lush green grass, having picnics in the late evening, sun kissed shoulders, and strawberry popsicles. Even better- it’s classic, like my grandma’s chic taste, and reminiscent of the French Riviera, and Impressionist paintings of happy boaters and picnic goers.

Basket Bags

Last summer I reached into my vintage french inspiration board and came out with a love for basket bags. I felt so french country carrying a market basket, or french riviera with a beach basket tote. I knew immediately it was going to be one of my personal obsessions, and was on the hunt for basket bags everywhere. They were harder to find last summer, but luckily, resort and summer season in the fashion industry has fulfilled my need for basket bags and they are popping up everywhere now! It’s no wonder, since fashion always repeats itself, and our beloved Jane Birkin had made the basket bag an ultimate iconic look of effortless french style. Thus, now the world has caught onto this desire for french je ne sais quoi, and you’ll probably be seeing these baskets pop up everywhere. So get on board quick!

Boater Hats

It’s a trend that continues from last spring/summer, and no wonder because they are probably the cutest hats besides a french beret! Boater hats are taking on all new shapes and colors, but one things is for sure, they are growing on everyone! I still think of Mary Poppins and Bert dancing around in his boater hat and striped jacket in their chalk world. And you know what, I loved it as a kid as much as I do now. So it must be that good of a trend!

Coins, Crosses, & Crescents – Necklaces

First of all, they have to be gold. I spotted this luxe accessory style some months ago, maybe last fall? And I knew right away it was the jewelry I’d be wearing. I shed all my layered boho jewels for something simpler and classic. Something reminiscent of travel souvenirs, culture, and history. Well, we got it with the perfect layering of delicate gold chains, feminine crescent charms, and old “gawdy” cross pendants or “byzantine” style coins. You can even go for a rosary style necklace, a dagger (similar to a cross), or a charm with the image of a patron saint, such as the Saint Charles- patron saint of travel. Finding them in Europe is one of the best ways to get the authentic look, but I hear you can find them almost anywhere, or online as well. They just style so perfectly with any texture fabric such as silks, laces or linens, and really dress up your neutral tones in a luxe way.

Neck Scarves

While in Paris, I wore a neck scarf for pretty much the first time ever. And for the first time ever, I felt chic about it and not “flight attendant”. Since that moment on, I’ve adopted the neck scarf as a outfit must, and have worn it multiple times since being back from Paris. I even styled one in one of my Coachella looks, giving my Charlie’s Angels denim jumpsuit a chic touch. I just think you can’t go wrong with a pretty little scarf right now, whether you wear it on your neck, as a shirt, or tied around your bag strap. Try it out this spring/summer! My two personal favs are from Ingie Paris, and Realisation Par.

Tiny Shoes

While you can get caught up in the details of shoe trends, such as round vs square toe, heel or mule, slip on or lace up… I like to keep it simple and go with what I WANT to wear. So call me faux pas, but I’ll wear a round toe even if it’s “square toes” only. But one thing I do love that is getting a good rep this summer, is the tiny shoe trend. Something chic and petite. A little vintage, a little classic. I like the ease of wearing these tiny shoes and styling them in new ways. Slip on flats or low heels, I know they will be popping up everywhere this summer! They are the perfect shoe of choice for travel, and running around cities like Barcelona or Cannes in the summer. I wore these black slip ons for almost a week straight in Paris this spring.

Tiny Bags

Along with the tiny shoes comes a trend I exercised every day in Paris- the tiny bag trend. More specifically, the tiny designer bag. I brought about 6 purses with me to Paris, but ended up sticking with one for pretty much the whole month, because A. it was adorable and went with everything, and B. it is more suitable for all the walking one does in the city. You only really need your essentials, and tiny bags that can be hand held or worn cross body make life so much easier. My personal favorite was this Bebe “Joelle Mini Dome” bowler style bag, which many of you asked me about. I actually loved it so much, I went and got it in a light blue color for spring. I would say this is the perfect sized bag with it’s bowler shape to fit more than you think inside! Throughout Fashion Week and my Paris adventures, I carried several lips glosses and lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, concealer, a compact mirror, gum, tissues, cough syrup bottle, an apple, cough drops, my iPhone 6s+, and a small book of poetry or a notebook. So… I was pretty much covered!


Whether in dress or blouse form, we’ve seen ruffles sneaking their way back into the fashion world since the beginning of 2017. Ruffle sleeves, ruffle hems, ruffle skirts and anything you can basically put a ruffle on. It’s trending, and that’s all there really is to it. Reminiscent of the flirty Bardot top or that classic Spanish flair, I’ll be getting frilly this summer and I know it’s going to be fun. I just can’t wait to run around Europe in some cute ruffle dresses!

So if you’ve already discovered these trends, or are just now hearing about them, let me know your opinion in the comments! Are you going to be wearing any of these adorable style elements? I know I’m embracing each one whole-heartedly!


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