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Movie Night: Love on a Pillow

Brigitte Bardot in Love on a Pillow Movie

Love, wine, and revolution: Love on a Pillow. Starring Brigitte Bardot and Robert Hossein, and directed by Roger Vadim. This 1962 romance drama flick is understated, and needs to have a comeback!

Movie Night: Love on a Pillow

What starts as a proper young lady going to collect her inheritance outside of Paris, leads to a tryst that turns her life sideways. There are sizzling romance scenes, lingering close ups that remind us why film is always better at driving emotion, and of course B.B.’s famous fashion. From chic trench coats and rabbit fur berets, iconic little black dresses, and her famous red headband, the styling in this film doesn’t let you down.

Brigitte Bardot's styling in Love on a Pillow movie
Love On A Pillow7
Brigitte Bardot, Love on a Pillow 1962, trench coat and beret
Brigitte Bardot, Love on a Pillow 1962

It’s one of those films you have to watch on a Sunday night, with wine and cheese that you can snack on throughout. There’s passion, love-making, culture, and lots of sweet jazz.

And the revolution…? That lies within a woman, realizing her own value, and finally becoming free and independent. Brigitte depicts her journey from co-dependent to free spirit with elegance and sex appeal, making her one of my forever muses that will always inspire me.

Find some of my favorite clips from the film below!
And let me know if you suddenly feel the urge to dress in 60’s attire, like I do whenever I watch Love on a Pillow!

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Movie Night!

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  • Mandy says:

    Brigitte Bardot is so mesmerising to watch! I love Le Mepris x


  • Mandy Morello says:

    I haven’t got around to watching this one yet but it looks like classic Bardot beauty 🙌🏻


  • Mandy Morello says:

    Absolutely adore this movie. It’s one of her best.


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