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Cafe Valentin

Sarah Loven at Cafe Valentin in Paris

For me, Valentine’s Day has a record of being more “miss” than hit. But that doesn’t curb my enthusiasm for the holiday. Being born only a week before V Day, I tend to be a romantic and look forward to what the holiday stands for. It doesn’t have to be all about date night, romance, gifts, or sex. And sometimes, it can simply be about Paris.

Café Valentin

Valentine’s Day has a way of encouraging us to put unreal expectations on ourself, the day, and our relationships. The greeting card holiday shows us what a picture perfect day should look like. But in all honesty, not even I have had a very successful V Day. From missing restaurant reservations in the busy town of Laguna, getting into fights instead of feeling romantic, to being too sick to do anything, I always feel like somehow it never turns out the way I envision it.

If there’s something 8 years of marriage has taught me, it’s that 1. this holiday isn’t the last, and I’ll have many more fun, romantic times ahead. And 2. we don’t have to do V Day the same way everyone else does!

Personally, being a very aesthetically, visually driven person, I enjoy the visuals of themed holidays the most. I like to dress up, get inspired, and even style passionate shades of red for the whole month! I think being a February baby means Valentine’s Day has a special place in my heart no matter how many triumphs or fails there have been in the past. I just like the romance behind it, it aligns with my personality.

Romance de Paris

Originally I had a romantic photoshoot planned for our Valentine’s content, but being sick and the weeks of rain in SoCal have altered things a bit! Luckily, I was going through my hard drives and found these photos which were never released! And what’s more perfect than these moments captured at Café Valentin, coincidentally styling a bold red lip, a Realisation scarf with red kisses, and a tiny red car?! Ah, Paris. You always put out.

PS- scroll to the bottom to see the crowd of Paparazzi that hijacked my photo op during Paris Fashion Week!

Coat: Vintage | Boots: Matisse Footwear | Purse: Bebe | Scarf & Dress: Realisation Par
Josh’s Look: Coat & Pants: Zara Homme | Hat: Vintage | Boots & Scarf: John Varvatos

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