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Paris is a Mood

Vintage French fashion at Palais Royal fountain

It’s a fact that I have much more content from Paris than I can even keep up with sharing. And I neglect putting most of it on the blog, as it all tends to go to Instagram without much time to commit to writing a blog post for each day/shoot/outfit. So instead of doing another typical “outfit post”, I wanted to round up all my recent favorite images from Paris that really give me all the good vibes.

Paris is a Mood

From warm colors, to cinematic scenery, these photos equal the total mood that Paris is to me. I can’t think of a better vibe than people watching from my balcony or a café terrace. Or a better lifestyle than being able to walk or take the metro to any place you need to go. A city where art and culture emanates from every corner, and one can walk into the nearest museum and see ancient history and artifacts from around the world.

Paris is my mood, and my forever muse. I think I’ve created some of my best work within the walls of this city, and my inspiration never ceases. What else can I say, except that it’s true love. It’s fate. Paris and I are meant to be together, and one day I plan to live there full time. It’s not only for the pleasure, but for the sake of my work, my soul, and even my health.

To be around a culture so in tune with beauty and authenticity, and just a healthier lifestyle in general, affects me in such a positive way. Not to mention, with all my intolerances (growing by the week) to American food, GMO & Monsanto crops, it is one of the only lights at the end of the tunnel for me. I can eat healthier and be happier. And that equals a truly good life to me!

walking through versailles gardens at golden hour
versailles gardens at sunset
la belle epoch cafe in Paris
la belle epoch Parisian cafe

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    I LOVE those black and white photos! Makes me want to watch a classic film. ❤️

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