Tonal Style for Fall

This fall I’m so inspired to take tonal dressing to a whole new level. From warm camel to creamy beige tones in my clothes, and now even in my hair! I just warmed up my platinum blonde locks for this

Matrix Hair

Lately my hair has been acting so weird and I have no idea what’s going on! Is it the weather in LA? I’ve been shopping around for new products to try, and was happy to try out 3 Matrix products


Having tried out Dolce & Gabbana’s L’impératrice 3, I immediately fell in love. The packaging is chic and minimal, and the smell is 100% me. I tend to lean towards more unique, rare scents. One that someone wouldn’t recognize easily. I

Averr Aglow

With new seasons come new things. Our blog got a rebrand (from Ready Gypset Go to Jetset Lust), and so did my favorite skincare brand! Formerly known as Hello Aglow, Averr Aglow still remains one of my go-to skincare lines

Summer is a Season of Self Love

With summer around the corner, I’ve had a desire to cleanse and renew. From health to the products I put on my body, to my personal style and photography. I’m really going after the areas of my life that need

How I kept my skin fresh for Fashion Week

So everyone knows flying multiple hours on a plane, loosing sleep, landing in a foreign country, and harsh weather can make your skin do all sorts of weird things. I expected the worst for Paris fashion week, so I cam prepared.

Sarah Loven X Dove for NYE

Making big plans for NYE day and the party that night! That not only means planning my outfits and hair styles ahead of time (which includes lots of rose gold to match my pink hair), but preparing for the effects

Mermaid Hair Necessities

When I went platinum blonde, I had to give up on curling my hair. Between the dryness of my bleached hair, and the length of time it took to hold the iron in to actually curl my long locks, it would

Irresistible Locks

One might ask why a girl with hair past her hips could want hair extensions? One word… volume! You can’t beat the lusciousness of adding some silky locks into the mix. I don’t usually rave about products unless I’ve tried them

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