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Sarah Loven reviews Matrix Mega Sleek

Lately my hair has been acting so weird and I have no idea what’s going on! Is it the weather in LA? I’ve been shopping around for new products to try, and was happy to try out 3 Matrix products this month! Here’s the low down on my current hair situation, and which of the 3 sets were my favorite…

You all know my hair is very light blonde. It used to be white, but I had to stop bleaching it due to the damage it was causing. Living in the southwest desert for a while, and then the CA coast, all the sun, dryness, and mineral water really took a major toll on my hair. I’ve been battling the constant brittle dryness for over a year, trying new products left and right, then avoiding all products after a crazy experience, and now being more educated- trusting only certain products.

It’s not an easy place to recover from, so I’m happy to say I think I’ve gained some sort of balance and can bring my hair back from the brink of destroyed with some easy steps, even while changing up products and brands.

After testing out 3 Matrix Shampoos & Conditioners this month, here are my thoughts:

Mega Sleek is probably my top choice of the three. It definitely softened my hair and even gave it a nice dense volume that was a bonus for my fine hair. I did notice a lot of shedding after getting out of the shower, but that could be of the intense cleansing nature of the shampoo.

Hydra Source was my second favorite- also great! The shampoo cleansed my hair to get rid of all the built up minerals, then I really liked the tub of conditioner that felt a little more like a super quick deep conditioner. Leave it in 1-3 mins and you’re good to rinse. I found it did hydrate my hair great! I did notice some shedding after the shower with this product as well. I believe it is a strong enough product to use without any other moisturizing products. When I added some hair oil before drying my hair, a typical routine for me, I noticed it was just a little more oily than usual and hard to keep clean feeling even with daily dry shampoo. So by itself, it’s just enough!

Color Last was my third choice, just because I don’t necessarily need to use Color Last products with my current hair color. But if you have trouble keeping your blonde or tone just right, this may be the product you want! It uses orchid with moisturizing properties to protect the color from fading. I thought this one was pretty nice! I didn’t find anything wrong with it, unlike a lot of other products I use. So I vote it’s definitely a safe option if you’re skeptical about hair products!

Over all, I hear a lot of good stuff about Matrix and I’m excited to keep trying out some new products from their different lines!



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