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Once in a while I have an outfit idea I hold on to for a while, in search of the perfect pieces to make the complete look I’m dreaming of. This was one of those dream looks, which honestly took me all winter to pull together! But thanks to the Zara end of season sale, I was lucky to find the exact blazer and boots I had in mind in my size before they sold out!

I call this a power chic look, tying together business with a sexy chic edge that makes you feel like you can take on the whole world and look/feel amazing while doing it. Normally I dress, first for how I feel, and second for comfort. A lot of outfits I wear day to day are based on what I can easily throw on put little effort into. I go with my standard selection of gold coin necklaces, and gold rings. I personally love my chunky gold ring and Byzantine coin on a chunky gold chain, both made in Italy. They were random finds that I treasure the most and wear every day!

Black has been my go-to outfit staple this season. Paris city life, and French style has given me a new appreciation for monochromatic and neutral looks. I love the way it complements gold jewelry and really makes a look come off clean and polished, and trés chic!

Jacket & Boots: Zara | Purse: River Island | Hat & Belt: Enjoué Collectif | Watch: Paul Hewitt | Jewelry: Italy


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