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Sarah Loven wears black lace Honey Birdette lingerie in LA

Angels in the City

Once in a while, you can have have a wild night. Like meeting up with your favorite lingerie brand in a fancy LA hotel to try on their new collection, take some fun photos, and go home with shopping bags

Sarah Loven models Honey Birdette Lingerie in field

Lavender Skies & Animal Eyes

This night marked a time of metamorphosis for me. It was Full, Harvest Moon, Friday the 13th, a rare occurrence that won’t be happening again for another 30 years- Aug. 13, 2049. I felt more alive that week than I

Elegant Luxury style dress in tall green grass field, yellow flowers, and tree at sunset

Garden of Eden

Ever since I was a child I was fascinated with nature. I looked to it as an escape. Every little patch of wild that was still left between the developments in the suburbs, were my imaginary worlds- the places that

A Dream of Spring - Sarah Loven - Jetset Lust

A Dream of Spring

Somehow, I always forget how magical spring is. Somehow, the earth’s awakening manages to surprise me with something altogether new or breathtaking. And even though spring comes without fail, year after year, each one seems a little different. I suppose

cute French new wave outfit

New Wave Style with J.ING

I’m honestly a huge fan of J.ING clothing and shoes, and they were the first brand I reached out to when choosing what brands I wanted to partner with for my Capsule Wardrobe (a collection of quality pieces from select

nouvelle vague style, Jetset Lust, Paris

La Nouvelle Vague est lá!

In the last couple years I’ve really redefined my style. Some of you may remember when I left behind the “boho” and went “French”… (People were asking me why I would do such a thing!) While maybe deviating a few

Le Jardin Secret

There’s something about vast, manicured gardens that I love so much. The secret pathways, the artful way of the flowers, the silent statues looking over the lawn. If I could live in a garden, with nothing much more to worry

Hot Child in the City

When you work in the content creation industry, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with your own fast-paced life and actually finish the projects you start. These photos may have been from last summer, but I never finished editing all

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