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Lavender Skies & Animal Eyes

Sarah Loven wears Honey Birdette Lingerie in field

This night marked a time of metamorphosis for me. It was Full, Harvest Moon, Friday the 13th, a rare occurrence that won’t be happening again for another 30 years- Aug. 13, 2049. I felt more alive that week than I have in years, like I unleashed something in myself that was a crucial part of me, that I’d bottled up for too long…

Lavender Skies

& animal eyes

Journal Entry - 9.13.2019

Tapping into my wild femininity, and getting close with my dear friend, nature. Saying goodbye to fears, self-consciousness, and inhibitions, and fully embracing my true self- whoever she is, whether she lines up with what society likes or not. And I feel all new confidence where I used to feel held back. I’m the only one capable of fulfilling my potential. I no longer hide, wait for permission, or worry about what people think about me. If they don’t like this, that’s on them.

Because who I am, and being myself, shouldn’t matter if we are all being open-minded and open-hearted. Who I am, so long as I’m aiming to be the best version of myself that I can be (inside and out), shouldn’t hurt anyone else. And so no one has a claim to feel hurt about it. If they do, then they have some of their own insecurities to deal with. Shining your light tends to expose things that used to hide and thrive in darkness. But never let people’s jealousy or negativity be the reason for you to stop shining! Just like nature, we need light to grow.

The Truth About Full Moon Friday 13th

& Why it’s Significant

“Before patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was considered the day of the Goddess. It was considered a day to worship the Divine Feminine that lives in us all and to honor the cycles of creation and death and rebirth. Friday the 13th was considered a very powerful day to manifest, honor creativity and to celebrate beauty, wisdom and nourishment of the soul.

Friday is Venus Day, and we all know that Venus is the epitome of feminine energy. Her energy joins us at the end of the week to honour the days gone by and to remind us that it is important to rest, relax and play.

As a society, we all look forward to Friday (Venus day), and we all naturally find ourselves unwinding and relaxing in her comforting energy. Friday is the perfect day to embrace Venus like energy and to focus on creativity, beauty and sensuality. Venus energy also encourages us to tune into our receptive female energy in order to stimulate our creativity and bring art, music and healing into the world.

The Number 13 also holds an extremely potent feminine energy and is considered to be the number of death and rebirth, creation, fertility and blood.”

– Excerpt from Forever Conscious

Lingerie: Honey Birdette | Boots: ALDO

Sarah Loven lingerie model
Sarah Loven Honey Birdette7
Sarah Loven in Honey Birdette Lingerie
Lingerie model in beautiful foggy field
Sarah Loven Honey Birdette14
Blonde lingerie model in amber field
Sarah Loven blonde lingerie model running in field

“There’s so much freedom in
ignoring inhibitions. It’s best
to live like life is short.
Take the initiative.
Make the first move.
Be the fire starter-
the source of the excitement.
Run with the wild ones who
embrace the thrill.
Laugh always, and
forgive those who don’t
understand you.
And most of all,
love to love.”

– Les Belles Lettres, Volume II

Sarah Loven wears Honey birdette Lingerie in nature
Sarah Loven Honey Birdette9
Sarah Loven Honey Birdette2
Sarah Loven in sunset field
Sarah Loven modeling Honey Birdette Lingerie
Sarah Loven Honey Birdette13
Model wearing lingerie and boots in a field
Sarah Loven Honey Birdette12
Sarah Loven Honey Birdette10
Sarah Loven Honey Birdette Model in nature
lavender skies at sunset in canyon

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