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Angels in the City

Sarah Loven wears black lace Honey Birdette lingerie in LA

Once in a while, you can have have a wild night. Like meeting up with your favorite lingerie brand in a fancy LA hotel to try on their new collection, take some fun photos, and go home with shopping bags of new lacey goodies to play in later. In celebration of Honey Birdette coming to LA (all the way from Australia), I was lucky to see the new collection first hand.

Angels in the City

My favorite set was the one you’ll see in these photos, because the back of the panties featured a little Eiffel Tower looking design… Paris obsessed much? I know…

This gorilla style shoot was one of the most fun- hanging out with the ladies behind the brand, sipping champagne, and finding ways to rig the set, such as using the floor lamp as a photo light so we could shoot on the balcony. We were surrounded by twinkling city lights in the background, and it was quite magical! A little Champagne, LA vibes, and luxurious lingerie really make a girl feel confident!

Sarah Loven wears black lace lingerie set in LA at night
Sarah Loven in Honey Birdette Lingerie Los Angeles
Sarah Loven in Black Lace Honey Birdette Lingerie
Sarah Loven in Lingerie in LA
SarahLoven HoneyBirdette 1
Sarah Loven in Honey Birdette
SarahLoven HoneyBirdette 11
SarahLoven HoneyBirdette 9
SarahLoven HoneyBirdette 2
SarahLoven HoneyBirdette 16
SarahLoven HoneyBirdette 15
SarahLoven HoneyBirdette 5
SarahLoven HoneyBirdette 13
SarahLoven HoneyBirdette 3
SarahLoven HoneyBirdette 7

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