Last Days of Summer | Playlist

These are those sweet, last days of summer where every moment is a little more precious, and we desire to feel ultimately free. Something about it is sad, but another part of it makes me want to throw my hands

Playlist: Just Chill

When it comes to my chill music, I’m so so picky. I started putting together this playlist and it actually turned out amazing, and i’ve been listening to it every day. Wether I’m working or chilling, it just has those

Nouvelle Vague

Lately I’ve been looking for new music that feels like some of my old favorites. I’m so picky about what I listen to, so all my playlists are carefully curated. I don’t want my mood to be altered too dramatically

Paris in the Spring: Playlist

I had a very specific change in music taste while living in Paris. The change of scenery and pace of life… I guess that’s just what this city does to you. I started revisiting old music I used to love,

I’ll be your Valentine

For this Valentine’s Day, I partnered up with Cosabella to style my hand picked pieces for a Wifed Up Date Night. Personally, I believe one can never go wrong with lots of black lace (or just some itty bitty lace). I’ll be

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