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I’ll be your Valentine

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For this Valentine’s Day, I partnered up with Cosabella to style my hand picked pieces for a Wifed Up Date Night. Personally, I believe one can never go wrong with lots of black lace (or just some itty bitty lace). I’ll be prepping for a surprise date night with my babe, and whether we go out or stay in, I know the night will end up with candles lit, something sweet to eat, and pillows all over the floor. And, of course, me dolled up in Cosabella skivvies!

My top tips for a successful V-Day Evening:

Don’t presume it’ll be a night out of the movies. Expectations will make it weird, and may even cause you to end up in tears. Just look forward to having fun and being together! No pressure.

That being said, make sure to drop hints like 1-2 days before V-Day for anything you want your man to remember. Such as what type of flowers, what color is your favorite, that new restaurant you want to try, your favorite wine, etc. Sometimes they just need a little reminder.

Make your reservations ahead of time! You don’t want to be driving around and stressing when you can’t find a place to eat. Trust me, I’ve been there.

If you’re in for a long night (wink wink), eat light. It’s okay to get the NY Strip Steak, just bring half of it home for leftovers. You can even chow down after your nighttime activities.

Candle light is your best friend. It literally makes everyone look 20x more attractive. So light it up from at least 2 different angles! Light from each side of your body gives a slimming effect, so maybe plan for candles on opposite sides of the bed.

Keep it on… I mean your itty bitty lacies. The mystery makes it even sexier.

Don’t be shy… this may sounds crazy, but having a mirror by the bed when you’re loving each other up can actually make you feel more sexy and confident. Don’t be afraid to like what you see, and work your best angles.

Plan a little playlist for your boo, filled with songs associated with good memories, and even new songs to remember the night to. Steer clear of anything too emotional, or songs with objectifying lyrics- keep it classy and positive!

Save your snacks for the movie afterwards. Like I mentioned above, you’ll probably have eaten light. So once you’re winding down, bring out the leftovers, chocolate and wine, and watch your favorite go-to romantic comedy. I personally love throwing on an old classic b&w movie to cuddle up to, like Bringing Up Baby (our anniversary movie tradition).

Have an instant film on hand, like a polaroid or disposable camera, for fun snapshots. Whether they’re family friendly date night pics, or just for your own eyes, it’s fun to capture special memories with each other to inspire more special moments.


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Robe & Lingerie: Cosabella | Hair Cut & Hair Styling: Lindsey at Toni & Guy Salon, Irvine


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