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Nouvelle Vague


Lately I’ve been looking for new music that feels like some of my old favorites. I’m so picky about what I listen to, so all my playlists are carefully curated. I don’t want my mood to be altered too dramatically by what I’m listening to, especially if I’m spending the day working or just chilling. The genre I always come back to is New Wave. Some of my new wave favs make me feel nostalgic, while also feeling new every time I listen to them. There’s something about being able to revisit old songs that have good memories associated with them, but don’t seem to grow old with each new music trend. It’s timeless, and I feel that in the music.

So I spent a few days on the hunt for new (and old) tunes that reminded me of my favs, and put together an all new playlist for myself. I figured I should share it with you as well, because these songs are perfect for spring! New season, new music. Hope you like!



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