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Le Jardin Secret

There’s something about vast, manicured gardens that I love so much. The secret pathways, the artful way of the flowers, the silent statues looking over the lawn. If I could live in a garden, with nothing much more to worry about than sun exposure, I’d be in bliss.

I long for simple things, beautiful nature, and places that feel timeless.
You can forget most of anything in the garden, if you just allow yourself to get lost.
If you just wander without intention, while being mindlessly mindful.
To pay attention to the details- of the bees dancing between flowers,
the harmony of the birds, and the patches of shadows with light in between.

In between- that’s where I want to stay.
Not here nor there, but present. In the now.
A place where time doesn’t exist if you don’t let it.
And I can disappear there happily,
given to the romance of the roses and the whim of the trees.

Dress: The Jetset Diaries / Revolve | Shoes: Alberta Farretti

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