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La Nouvelle Vague est lá!

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In the last couple years I’ve really redefined my style. Some of you may remember when I left behind the “boho” and went “French”… (People were asking me why I would do such a thing!) While maybe deviating a few times in experimentation, I’ve found a kinship to one style that I think defines my personality and artistic temperament…

La nouvelle vague est la!

It may be somewhat underrated, but I feel the French New Wave style is beginning to get recognition in the fashion industry once again. And personally, I’m so happy about this because its at this very time that it feels right for me to lock down into one style for the unforeseeable future.

I’ve always been an advocate for freedom of expression and style to shift as often as the artist desires. And I can’t promise I won’t change my style sooner or later. But I’m most excited about dedicating myself to this look that feels the most like, well, meBut it’s more than just a style. Nouvelle Vague (aka New Wave) represents a time and culture that puts value on the passion and carefully stylized mood of the content. For the directors of New Wave cinema, it was all about being independent directors, shooting gorilla style and bringing something new to the table. They were film critics who felt something was lacking from film at the time, and wanted to take the matter into their own hands and put their own spin on things. It wasn’t about celebrities or having big producers. It was about the art of it all. And that’s something I’m very aligned with as an independent artist and content creator.

I’ve been dissecting my best work to improve myself as an artist. This photoshoot has remained one of the best reflections of my personal style and mood, and you guys loved this shoot as much as I did! Which further proves to me it is the most “true to me” content I’ve created- and I want to spend time making more authentic work like this! (It would be so much easier if I always lived in Paris, though…!)

With style and mood being number 1 priority with my work going forward, I am excited to use each shoot to basically create an ongoing story. One strung together between each Instagram/blog post. I want to build a tangible world within my posts that draws me in deeper, inspired for every next shoot. And I hope this story continues to inspire you, while remaining authentic! I desire to inspire not only with my fashion and style choices, but with my lifestyle choices, too.

It may all sound like a complicated concept, but I can truly envision it and I’m so excited to bring it to life and show you a deeper side of myself (and Josh)! And I think the industry could really use a dose of deeper meaning at this stage.

So I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I know I will!

Outfit Details:

Turtleneck: Zara | Romper: BB Dakota | Tights: Free People | Boots: Light in the Box
Trench: The Jetset Diaries | Purse: Ralph Lauren | Locket Necklace: Spartina 449

Top & Trench: Zara ManPants, Scarf, Boots: John Varvatos

Sarah Loven walks at Post Nuef Bridge, Paris

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