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7 Golden Years

Golden engagement rings for Josh and Sarah Loven

The story behind this project for Angara Jewelry is a little different than your average wedding ring concept. For our 7th anniversary, Angara sent us new wedding bands that we hand picked to suit our personal style!

The Anniversary Rings

I’m sort of funny when it comes to wedding rings. For me, it’s more about the fact that we are partners for life, which feels so normal and just part of my life, that I don’t put all the importance on a ring. That being said, I also love to let people know we ARE married by the little symbol on our fingers, so I do like to wear wedding rings. But in my case, I never seem to be able to make up my mind on things for very long.

One year I swear it’s silver or nothing. The next, it’s bigger over smaller. Then, all I can style is gold gold gold. I’m the kind of girl who needs to have options.

My styling is so tied into my self expression of each day, my mood reflected in my outfits. And so I’ve always needed to make my own choices. I now have 3 “wedding” rings- the original white gold set, the bigger and more glamorous silver one, and now a gold set to match our current personal style. Each is special to me, because they mark different chapters in our marriage. And these beautiful gold rings feel right for us right now.

(Our anniversary was actually in August- this campaign was slightly delayed!)

Read More to see all the photos, and for direct links to shop our rings with a discount code!


Dress: We are Windred | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell | Josh’s Sweater: Zara Man

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