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Paris & Fashion Week Vlog

Somehow in the chaos of the season, I forgot to post our Paris Fashion Week Vlog here! But better late than never, right? I wanted to talk about why I made one single Recap/Vlog video instead of many short creative videos like we usually do. It’s always hard to take all the ideas I have and see them through to completion. When shooting, I get so many ideas for what I could create. Especially in Paris! I’ll shoot tons of content just from each outfit and each day walking around- so much of it never even sees the light of day! And it makes me sad to think of all my beautiful memories living on a hard drive when my biggest passion to to make something beautiful with them and put them out into the world.


fashion week vlog

Thus came the idea of tapping into Vlogging. I’ve never thought of myself as a Vlogger, mainly because I’m not very chatty on camera and have no practice talking about things when put on the spot. But I’m working on it!! The reason I decided this was something I wanted to start doing, was really just personal. I wanted to have my memories captured in a beautiful way to watch again with friends and family. I LOVE to relive my favorite experiences, as they’re almost better after the fact.

Naturally the first steps will be to get our Vlogging gear setup, which we didn’t have for this first video since I didn’t plan to make it a Vlog until after getting home. We plan to Vlog during all our travels, but I want to create other monthly video content in-between the big trips. So let me know what you’d like to see me Vlog about, whether is life, styling, LA life, Airstream life, California, etc! The comments are open to your suggestions!

For now, please enjoy one of my favorite videos we’ve created yet! This one is packed full of our favorite memories of running around Paris in the fall, Paris Fashion Week, and my favorite places to visit in the city!

XOXO, Sarah

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