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A Dream of Spring

A Dream of Spring - Sarah Loven - Jetset Lust

Somehow, I always forget how magical spring is. Somehow, the earth’s awakening manages to surprise me with something altogether new or breathtaking. And even though spring comes without fail, year after year, each one seems a little different.

I suppose things can’t always be the same forever. The earth changes her landscape, she freckles her curves with multitudes of wildflowers as if merely to remind us how capable she is of wooing us.

And even after seasons of fires on the west coast, rain storms, ashen hillsides, and mudslides, somehow she turns around and wows us with her power to recover. And maybe the blank canvas just allows for even more beauty to be manifested.

I think there’s something to that… something we can learn from.

a dream of spring

“shadows roll across the hills, silent clouds pass before the sun- a sun that is a little more sweet, and a little more kind. pale in her hue, and sweetest in the morning. a light that seems fragile and yet brings the earth back to life with but a whisper.

even when the rains fall, flowers spring forth like blush to a lover’s cheek. even while the winds whip, nature bends to its will, but does not break. spring teases with just a caress, a touch, a promise, a dream. she surprises with her charm, annually. “

– Les Belles Lettres

Dresses: We Are Kindred | Shoes: Matisse Footwear | Hat: Enjoué Collectif

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