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Coastal Escape

The Coastal Escape - Sarah Loven - Jetset Lust

Spring rolls around and I start to dream of escaping somewhere beautiful. I naturally lean towards the French Riviera, for all its simple beauty, architecture, and culture. I love the small town of St. Tropez, where the fishing village is the set of one of my all time favorite movies “And God Created Woman“. All the warm light, pastel tones, and texture stimulate my creativity and make me think of a simpler, more beautiful life with less to worry about. A place where one can forget about things such as social media and modern day stresses.

coastal escape

I find it somewhat a necessary thing to escape- wether it’s here on the California beaches, a quaint little island, or someplace across the sea. The smell of sun kissed skin, sea salt, and sandy wind transmits a sort of bliss. To be immersed in the nature of the coast, a little wild and raw because you can’t be very put together on such a rugged terrain. After hours on the sands, the beach sort of claims you as its own, and you come back from it a little untamed… a little more at peace with everything. If only I could remain in this way of simplicity, to shed all stresses and be purified by the salty air.

Bikini: We Are HAH | Hat: Enjoué Collectif | Towel: Buldano

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  • Lauderlis Cloud says:

    ♪ And there’s a place that I’ve dreamed of
    Where I can free my mind
    I hear the sounds of the season
    And lose all sense of time ♪


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