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Hot Child in the City

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When you work in the content creation industry, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with your own fast-paced life and actually finish the projects you start. These photos may have been from last summer, but I never finished editing all the shots I wanted to include, so it never got posted. Now as spring is rolling around, I figure the outfit is back in season and I should just go ahead and get the photos out there! Even if I didn’t finish all of them.

I always get so inspired in the Spring. I feel a need to  go back to my roots and rediscover what I love the most about my job and work. I’ve probably talked about this a few times already. That’s how hard it is to stay on task and fully commit to doing things my way when it comes to my work. The week gets busy, I set aside my creativity for some client projects, then the whole month has gone by, and I’m just trying to figure out what I even want for my feed and photos. Then before I know it, months have gone by and I don’t even love what I see on my feed anymore.

This is why I’m making a vow this spring to start off the season of rebirth as a revisit of my favorite work, and to fulfill the work I long to create. It’s hard to separate one’s efforts from doing what others want you to do (such as some clients and brands, who can be very controlling with the type of photos I can shoot/post), and spending brain power on creating the content I’m inspired by.

I never wanted to just shoot a photo to show an outfit. Like, “hi, here I am standing in front of a wall.” UGH it kills me, and yet I get into the flow of rushing through photoshoots just to crank out the content and keep everyone happy. Pose, pose, pose, show the product, look happy, match my color scheme, moving on. But where is the point in all this if by the end it’s just another photo pushed out there that someone will forget in less than 15 seconds? I’m not inspired by it, and I’m sure it doesn’t inspire much from my audience. And in the end, does it really sell my client’s product? Does it leave a lasting impression? There’s so much content passing before our eyes every day now, even the photos I love and “double tap” I most likely forget.

So, in an effort to change my work, change your view of it, and maybe change the world of IG even just a smidge, I’m putting in extra effort to make my work more alive. To make it make you FEEL. Because I’m an artist, after all. Not someone shooting content simply to make you jealous or want to buy what I may be “selling”… Which, honestly, is in less than 20% of my Instagram photos. But still! There is enough of that happening on every media outlet we are surrounded by. Time to make some changes. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

Read More to see all the photos from this post, and get the outfit deets at the bottom!

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Top: Cosabella | Pants: Verge Girl | Shoes: Gucci | Purse: Florian London | Sunglasses: Kate Spade | Necklace: Azil Boutique





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