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Irresistible Locks


One might ask why a girl with hair past her hips could want hair extensions? One word… volume! You can’t beat the lusciousness of adding some silky locks into the mix. I don’t usually rave about products unless I’ve tried them out for a while and can honestly say I love these blonde extensions!

I got my Irresistible Me clip in real hair extensions, in 24″ platinum blonde, so it matched my color and length perfectly. I’ve worn them on and off for several shoots, and can happily say I think they are amazing. The quality is fantastic and meshes with my real hair seamlessly, adding just the right amount of thickness to my fine hair. You can see from the photos! Nothing but length and voluuume. And oh the braids you can braid!

Once you get the hang of putting the extensions in, it’s really easy to throw a few on, or all of them, to add more hair to work with for styling. You can safely curl, style, and wash the extensions when needed. But they will dry out as real hair does with too much heat, so treat them kindly!

Irresistible Me currently has an amazing V-Day sale going on online for up to 50% off different extensions, too. You really can’t beat it!


24″ Platinum Blonde Extensions: Irresistible Me
Romper: Mura Boutique
Hat: Lack of Color
Bag: Andi Bagus
Heels: Freebird Boots
Necklace: Of Native
Bracelets, Rings, Septum: Midsummer Star
iPhone Case: Milky Way Cases














Other Recommended Products I Use:

Kevin Murphy Powder Puff, Blonde Angel Shampoo, and Resort Spray for maintaining blonde and styling.
Boar Bristle Brush for brushing the scalp oils throughout my hair before bed. Natural hair treatment!
VitaTress Biotin Shampoo for extra healthy locks!
Briogeo “Blossom & Bloom” Biotin Volumizer– sprays onto damp hair to add volume and reduce dry time.
T3 Micro Whirl Trio Curling Iron Set for every kind of curl to want to create quickly… more about this product in my next blog post!


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