Healthy Breakfast Coconut Bowl

Chilling and eating one of these coconut bowls makes living a healthy life so delicious. I try to keep it creative while also making it as easy as possible. Because most the time I don’t have the patience to make anything

Silky Glowing Skin

It’s not easy maintaining healthy, glowing skin in the winter. My favorite trick is so easy you’ll be doing it every day!


  MASKT is this wonderful, purifying face & body mask packed with the most exotic and luxurious ingredients. I fell in love with Maskt as soon as I mixed it. The smell was amazing, and it left my face feeling

Sweet Summer Smoothie

I’m suddenly obsessed with crisp green smoothies. They are refreshing and make me feel energized and ready to go. I dub this one the Sweet Summer smoothie, because it simply tastes like sunshine.

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