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Why you should drink hot lemon water

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Why You Should Drink Hot Lemon Water:
Part of my morning routine has included a new healthy habit- drinking “lemon tea” as I call it for short. 

It’s simply hot water, with fresh lemon juice squeezed into it, with a big drizzle of organic honey stirred in.
I drink this every morning before I eat, usually while doing my makeup or hair. It’s an extremely easy way to improve your health!
Benefits of “Lemon Tea”:
-Lemon helps digestion by flushing out unwanted toxins
-Honey acts as antibacterial and beats any infection in your body
-Gives you instant boost of energy and improves your mood
-Cleanses your mouth, improves oral health, and kills bacteria
-Purifies your blood
-Has unique restorative, antibacterial and collagen boosting properties for your skin
-Gives your skin a natural glow!
And on a deeper health note……
Lemon water helps in cleansing the lymphatic system: According to various deciplines of medicine a dehydrated lympthatic system is one of the leading causes of illness. Lack of water and essential fluids in the lymphatic system can make you feel sluggish and fatigued, lead to constipation, disturbed sleep, high or low blood pressure, stress and an all-round lack in mental function. The benefit of drinking this mixture early in the morning is that it helps hydrate your entire lymphatic system that not only beats all the above symptoms but also improves your immunity.
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I’ve definitely noticed the boosts of energy in the morning, and my skin is starting to look clearer and healthier!
So try it out and let me know how it works for you!


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