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good day, sunshine

»» ◈ ««
restless down there on the floor,
waiting for the light to filter just right
through the window and soak me in gold.
when the morning is blistered
and my lips are warm,
when songs are prayers are birds in the trees,
and the marks on my skin from the kisses of bees
are stinging so feverishly,
i’ll give my flesh to the wind and cloud-freckled sky.
like a flower i’ll wither and dry,
but before then i’ll be so damn alive-
born to be in love with you.
catching the sun between my fingers,
light my blood on fire.
no one needs to know we’re going higher and higher.
the words you breathe are my desire-
these endless days begin.
like barefoot dancing in the grass,
sinking into evening.
evenly disappearing into folds of night,
i’ve learned to let go hold on tight. 
So I used to write poetry, but I haven’t really written anything in about a year.
It’s saddening, really. It was such a big part of me. My mom always used to say that she thought my soul was an old poet from long ago. She and I both couldn’t believe the words that came out of my brain, half the time.
I miss writing a lot. It just seems that life moves so fast these days, like a crazy blur. I can hardly catch my breath. Somehow I’ve gotten myself into running downhill and now I can’t stop. 
This blog is not only about fashion (even though it’s such a big passion of mine, as well), but about finding yourself and expressing it, most importantly!
I not only want you to be inspired from my posts, and find yourself, but I want to find myself as well. We are all constantly changing and growing. And if your anything like me, your passions are constantly leading you back and forth and up and down, and who knows where to next.
I want to take the time to write again. To breathe and let the minutes pass me by while I stand still. I don’t want to think about what’s coming up next, or how late in the night it is. I just want to do something slowly. Our world hardly permits it.
So… you may or may not care at all. But for me, it’s a baby step towards reviving an old part of myself. I’ll probably be posting some of my favorite old poems, until I find the words to write new ones. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂
»» ◈ ««
Outfit Details:
Dress by Flynn Skye
Shoes by PSKaufman
Necklace + Ring by Nora Flora
Flower crown + bouquets by Molly Jane Designs
{moroccan frames drawn by Melanie Mulig}