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Meet one of my current favorite designers- Christian Benner. His work is like a crazy ride, and demands to be noticed. It’s rare these days to find someone who puts a piece of their self into their designs, and his are each one of a kind works of art. When you wear one of his tattered tees, you know you’re wearing the only one like it.
Although I’m supposed to keep this shirt under wraps until the full photoshoot and video, I am terrible at keeping secrets for too long, and just had to give you a glimpse of this beauty.
»» Δ ««
Lately it’s been a crazy whirlwind of moving into the new space- a surprise that I can’t wait to share!
And though my outfit posts have been put on hold while the weather can’t make up its mind, I’ve been venturing into new areas of fashion and making plans for even bigger things for this summer. I’m so thrilled with how wonderful my lovely Instagram followers are, you inspire me everyday to get up and follow my passions! I want to get to know you more, so feel free to say hello in the comments! And remember, each and every comment on the blog counts as an entry to win prizes of clothing, accessories, and more!
xx Sarah