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Silky Glowing Skin

It’s not easy maintaining healthy, glowing skin in the winter. My favorite trick is so easy you’ll be doing it every day!

All you need are these two things:
Unrefined Coconut Oil – I use this tub from Spectrum
Exfoliating Glove – you can get one with or without fingers
What I do:
During my shower routine, I massage coconut oil into my skin. You just want about a small palm full, rub between your hands, and massage into your legs, arms, and entire body. You can also use this on your face!
(If you have oily skin, you will want to read up on natural oil treatments for your face. Do NOT be afraid of putting oil on your face, it pretty much is the cure for oily OR dry skin! I will have a post on this in the near future!)
After massaging the oil all over, I let it sit for a few minutes while I wash my hair (or typically I do a conditioning treatment). Then take and exfoliating glove and gently exfoliate your skin in slow circular motions. Go over your body about 2-3 times, but not to rough so you don’t turn red. If you have sensitive skin, once over should be enough.
Rinse wish some gentle/organic soap on your face and any areas you don’t want to be too oily. I don’t use soap on my legs, so they stay extra smooth.
You’ll notice a difference in the smoothness as soon as you dry off with a towel! The first day doing this you may be a little rosy from the exfoliating. I do this every other day, allowing the skin to rest in-between.
This gives you a natural glow! I’ve even had people ask if I went tanning.
Stay tuned for other ways I use coconut oil, along with other health & beauty posts coming soon!